Create A Profit-Pulling Salesletter In Under 24 Hours... Even if you have Zero Copywriting Experience

Special Report by Paul Hancox

You want a sales letter... and you want it FAST.

You face two big problems. First of all, copywriters (the people who write sales letters for a living) are expensive.

We're talking HUNDREDS of dollars (and the really good ones charge $1,000 or more).

Second, they often take WEEKS to write your sales letter, meaning that while you're waiting, you're losing money and sales.

They can take that long because they have to research and know your product as well as YOU know it.

Of course, you know your own product better than anyone. So think about this...
  • What if I could give you all the tools you needed to put together a persuasive sales letter for your own product - at just a fraction of the cost of the average copywiter?

  • What if I could show you how to do this in as little as 24 hours... so you can get your sales letter out quicker and get those sales rolling in much faster?
I know what you might be thinking. Copywriters have YEARS of experience, but maybe you think you wouldn't even know where to begin!

It doesn't matter. Seriously.

Give me just 7 minutes of your time right now, and I'll show you how you can create a sales letter like the professionals, with ZERO copywriting experience... saving you a ton of money and time, and preventing you from being "ripped off".

(In fact, I'll show you how to write a sales letter that in many cases is actually better than what you'd get if you paid for it!)

Truth is, most copywriters are hiding something from you.

The Big Copywriting Secret The "Professionals"
Don't Want You To Know...

WHY don't they want you to know the secret I'm about to reveal?

To be blunt... it's because they'll lose business. They'd rather charge you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to write your sales letter for you, than have you do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Magicians have their "magic circle", which jealously guards the secrets of how magic tricks are done. Copywriters have an informal one, and they like to make out that you can't write a good sales letter without years of experience.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Writing a sales letter... finding the right words... is actually the EASY part.

Anybody with basic writing skills can do it.

The TRICKY part... and this is why copywriters are paid the big bucks... is coming up with the right persuasive thoughts and ideas in the first place... and then figuring out how to put them together into a sales letter.

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to do this.

Once you understand how it's done, the magic of creating persuasive sales pitches will be EASY for you.

You'll save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars hiring a copywriter, and you can get your sales pitches online super-fast, banking those sales almost immediately.

Truth is, copywriting does involve skills that normally take time to learn, unless you know the "shortcuts" I'm going to share with you. (It took ME over 12 years to learn what I know.)

There are FOUR ESSENTIAL SKILLS you need, to create sales letters that pull in sales like crazy:
  1. Understanding the psychology of buyers.

    What motivates people... at a deeper level... to pull out their credit cards? There are over 30 major motivators. You can't sell effectively without understanding how each of them work.

    What you need is someone who can take all that knowledge you need, boil it down for you, and show you how to apply it in sales letters. (I'm not going to leave you guessing. That someone is me.)

  2. How to write headlines that suck readers in.

    Headlines are probably the single most important part of your sales letter. Without a good headline, your sales will plummet.

    That's because your headline has to grab the reader, shake them up, and say, in effect: "Hey, look here! This is important and relevant to YOU!"

    If it doesn't do that effectively, a potential customer might not bother reading your sales letter in the first place, and you lose another sale. (Multiply that by thousands of readers, and you can see just how many sales you could lose!)

  3. How to build a strong case that moves readers to buy your product.

    If you're new to copywriting... staring at a blank computer screen, wondering what to write next, can be scary. It doesn't have to be.

    Builders don't stare at a building site for hours, wondering where to put the next brick. They consult a plan... their "blueprint" for the building.

    Imagine trying to build a building without having such a blueprint! It would be difficult, to say the least.

    The same is true of writing sales letters. Don't just start writing. You need a blueprint... a roadmap that tells you what to write at each step of the way.

    What if I could give you that roadmap right now? What if I could show you exactly how to START writing your sales letter simply and easily... and also what to write along the way? Wouldn't that be great?

  4. How to get readers excited for your product.

    You might love your product and think everyone will automatically fall in love with it. Truth is, unless you're already a well-known brand like Apple, it won't happen.

    You need to convince your readers... get them excited... get them to really want your product... to feel they NEED IT.
Up until now, nobody has shown you how to do these things in a way that makes it quick, easy and natural... and that you can use right now, even if you have no copywriting experience at all.

I'm about to change that for you.

Of course, if you're thinking of writing your own sales letter, no doubt you have many other questions, such as...
  • How do I make my product stand out from the competition?
  • How much of my story and background do I tell?
  • How long should I make my sales letter?
  • How do I keep readers hooked?
  • How and when should I reveal the product's price?
You need RELIABLE answers to these questions... and you need them NOW.

A Word Of Warning: Free Advice On The Internet
May Cost You Sales And Money

Let's face it... anyone can post their opinions... right or wrong... on the Internet.

And when it comes to questions and opinions about sales letters... I see the same BAD advice being given out... over and over again.

The problem is, many of the things copywriters do are "counter-intuitive"... that is, the opposite of what you might think should work.

For example... almost everyone says they HATE long sales letters, and don't read them.

That's true right up until they come across something they're seriously thinking of buying, or that is highly relevant to them.

Then they'll read every word.

That's why long sales letters do better than short ones, most of the time. Copywriters and experienced product creators know this, because they test.

In other words, listening to bad advice on the Internet about how "nobody reads long sales letters" could cost you sales.

But it's also important to understand WHY longer sales letters usually do better... so you can also understand when this isn't true. (Yes, there are certain times when a shorter letter will do better.)

Get The Right Advice From Someone
Who's Been Doing It For 12 Years

I've been writing sales letters for 12 years now. I worked in face-to-face sales for several years, and I'm also a copywriting coach. I help other people to write sales letters. I've seen the mistakes people make the first time they attempt to write a sales letter.

I know that not everyone can afford personal coaching, and not everyone can afford to hire a copywriter, or wait a couple of weeks for their sales letter to be written.

If you want to create your own sales letters, you need someone who can show you how to quickly get the skills you need, and reliably answer the questions you have, to avoid the pitfalls so many newcomers make when it comes to creating their own sales letters.

That's why I decided to put together a book which condenses my 12 years experience into something you can read and put to use straight away.

Introducing Emergency Copywriting...

...a 120 page super-fast "crash course" which gives you all the essential skills and knowledge you need, to put together a kick-ass sales letter in as little as 24 hours... even if you have zero copywriting experience.

  • It's a complete system for putting together a sales letter, from the headline to the P.S.

  • I provide you with dozens of examples along the way, that you can adapt for your own sales pitch.

  • I spill the beans on a number of  "inner circle" copywriting techniques to increase your sales.

Here's A Small Taste Of What's Inside...
  • In Chapter 2 I'll reveal my Human Motivation Machine... over 30 elements that trigger people to buy, giving you a virtually INSTANT way of understanding the psychology of buyers. When you use these in your copy, you'll motivate your readers... at an almost subconscious "gut" level... to want to buy whatever you have to offer. (This chapter is essential reading if you want to sell anything online.)

  • Using the techniques I share in Chapter 3, I'll show you how to find the magic "ingredients" within your product that make it stand out from your competition and draw in the crowds.

  • Get deep inside the mind of your target audience, and know exactly what makes them tick ... using the four "mind reading" techniques in Chapter 4... enabling you to write copy that reaches your prospect's heart, mind and soul.

  • A SIMPLE AND QUICK SYSTEM for writing bullet points that make the benefits of your product sound almost impossible to resist. (Many of your possible customers will buy on the strength of just ONE bullet point... so make sure you get these right!)

  • I'll show you (in chapter 6) how to find the right "hook" that reels in prospects like a skilled fisherman reels in fish... and keeps them hanging on your every word.

  • My unique Magic Headline Generator that enables you to create attention-grabbing headlines in a matter of minutes, without breaking into a sweat.

  • How to use the secrets of natural persuasion to convince your prospects... in ADVANCE... to want your product... before they know it even exists! Warning: Up until now, this has been a closely guarded copywriting secret, because of its sheer power. Please only use this technique compassionately, and not for evil purposes.

  • I'll show you how to completely eliminate the competition from the mind of your readers, so they only want to buy YOUR product. (Without these techniques that I reveal in Chapter 9, you'll risk seeing your competition stealing customers that should be yours... and taking the business you deserve, right from under your nose.)

  • Copywriters often get "writers block" while writing copy. Using my unique Roadmap System I share with you in Chapter 10, you'll never be left wondering what to say next in your copy... eliminating writer's block forever... and making writing quick and easy.

  • The underground "rules" of writing copy that the elite copywriters don't want you to know, in case you put them out of business altogether! (After all... why hire a copywriter ever again when you know the secrets you'll discover in Chapter 11?)

  • If you're new to writing copy, getting started with the sales letter is often the hardest part... yet the first couple of paragraphs are also the second most important part (after the headline)... so in Chapter 12 I reveal SEVEN EASY AND EFFECTIVE WAYS TO BEGIN YOUR SALES LETTER... making it almost ridiculously simple to start writing!

  • It's not enough to get prospects to start reading... you need to keep them reading, if you want a chance to clinch the sale. In Chapter 13 I reveal EIGHT ESSENTIAL TECHNIQUES you can use in your copy to motivate them to keep on reading all of your sales letter.

  • Imagine your product on trial in a courtroom... I'll show you how to build a stong case for your product, that convinces your readers... through a powerful combination of logic and emotional appeal... that you (and only you) have THE solution to their problems.

  • STORIES are a copywriter's "secret weapon"... they activate the reader's visual and emotional parts of the brain. In Chapter 14 I'll show you how to use stories in your copy to make your case and convince prospects to buy... and I'll reveal the three essential storylines that should run throughout your copy.

  • I'll tell you the best time to introduce the product. (In most cases you should never reveal your product early on... as this could KILL your sales! I'll explain why, in Chapter 15.)

  • How to take your prospect's desire for your product to its peak, and turn the product into a must have... something they not only want, but need right now! (If you miss out this VITAL step, prospects might get excited by your copy... and still not buy! Once they leave your sales letter, the chances of them returning plummet to just above zero... so you MUST get them to act on their desire quickly, or risk losing them forever.)

  • Should you reveal your price early on? The answer may surprise you. All will be revealed in chapter 17 where I explain precisely what you must do before you give out your product's price. (If you screw this one up, your copy could well "crash and burn"... so read this chapter very carefully.)

  • Forget "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back"... in Chapter 18 I'll show you how to write a convincing guarantee that clinches sales... and in Chapter 19 I'll explain how to "close the deal" and ask for the order in the most effective way possible.

  • P.S. Power... the P.S. at the end of a sales letter has TWO important functions. In Chapter 20 I'll reveal what they are, and how to write a P.S. that sells your product.

  • We use subheadlines to break up sales letters into sections, making it easier to read. In Chapter 21 I'll show you how to take your existing copy and create subheadlines that break up your copy naturally, smoothly compel your readers to read on, and also stop "skimmers" in their tracks and virtually FORCE them to read your copy.
Here's Why You NEED This

Just think what it could mean to you... right now... to have all the skills and knowledge I'm about to share with you in Emergency Copywriting.

You'll save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in copywriting fees... and any time you need copy fast, you'll be able to write your sales material in super-fast time... perhaps even creating something better than if you hired someone else!

If you're going to write your own copy, you need this book.

With my "Human Motivation Machine" (in Chapter 2), I'll give you a complete understanding of the psychology of buyers. Without this vital understanding, it's hard to motivate all but the most enthusiastic of customers to buy.

My "Magic Headline Generator" (in Chapter 7) will show you how to generate amazing headlines quickly and easily (in minutes instead of hours), and in Chapter 5 I'll show you how to create bullet points that drive people wild for your product.

In Chapter 8 I spill the beans on a closely guarded copywriting secret... how you can use the secrets of natural persuasion to make your readers feel they naturally want your product... and which gives you the perfect way of structuring your sales letter for maximum effect.

I'll show you exactly how to start your sales letter, how to build a logical and emotional case that has people bursting with desire for your product... and I'll show you how to press all the right emotional buttons to move them to want to buy.

Even if you decide to hire a copywriter after all, don't do so until you've read this book all the way through... so you thoroughly understand what you should expect from your copywriter. You'll finally know how to recognize good copy from bad, enabling you to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

So What's The Cost?

Of course, at this point you're probably keen to know the price.

Just before we get to that, think about what you're getting here. Emergency Copywriting is a "crash course" on copywriting that gives you everything you need to create a kick-ass sales letter in as little as 24 hours.

If you create just ONE sales letter with my help, you've saved maybe $500 or $1,000 on copywriting fees... and using the system I'm about to share with you, you can create as many sales letters as you want.

With Emergency Copywriting I'm give you the shortcut to success that's taken me literally YEARS to discover, based on 12 years of experience... and you can "download" all the important bits into your brain in a matter of hours!

As for the price, I asked the advice of a couple of other copywriters, and they said Emergency Copywriting was easily worth $1,000 or more and one absolutely insisted that I charge no less than $197.

(I think they didn't want some of the techniques I reveal in this book reaching the masses. We copywriters need our trade secrets!)

However, chances are the people who need this the most might find that $1,000 or even $197 to be a serious barrier to buying.

I decided to cut the price on Emergency Copywriting to just $27!.

If this book can help you make just one more sale, it would have paid for itself. I sincerely believe it will help you to make many, many more sales... and you'll be referring to it for years to come, saving yourself literally thousands of dollars in copywriting fees!

My Rock-Solid 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I really believe Emergency Copywriting will help you to write sizzling sales letters, and I'm willing to back that up by putting my money where my mouth is.

If you don't believe it's worth TEN TIMES what you paid for it, then simply email me for a refund, within 60 days of purchase, and I'll give you back 100% of your money. (If you don't think the product is good enough, I don't deserve your money.)

I KNOW you're going to find this book immensely useful, which is why I'm happy to reverse the risk and make you this rock-solid guarantee, meaning you can only win!

Here's What They're Saying About Emergency Copywriting

"'Emergency Copywriting' is the first e-book I've seen that offers a proven plan for someone who doesn't have the first clue about copywriting to write effective sales material, FAST. You can knock it out in days... Heck, even ONE day if you really get after it.

It's a humorous, entertaining read... and when Paul says he assumes you know NOTHING about copywriting, he means exactly that...

With no exceptions.

Words, phrases... other terminology that's second nature to us copywriters... all CLEARLY defined in this guide... so anybody starting at square one can get up to speed quickly.

It's like a "crash course" in copywriting... but amazingly thorough at the same time.

Each informative chapter ends with a specific set of "Action Steps"... so even if you're the worst skimmer in the world... or you simply have trouble retaining what you read...

You'll be able to stay on track, and really "grasp" what you're learning.

With vivid descriptions that make you "see" what he's saying in your own mind sprinkled throughout….

You get to learn something new... something valuable...

And have a good time, all at once.

Take it from me, one of Paul's copywriting students:

This guy is the REAL DEAL.

Why in the hell would I sign up with him... and learn from him for MONTHS, if he  wasn't?

If you can't afford the assistance of a highly skilled copywriter...

Or you CAN, and you just don't want to part with the money...

You NEED to pick up this guide.

And to all my fellow copywriters out there...

Make your job a bit easier, like I have. Get your hands on this, and make copywriting FUN again."

- Jake Dennert, Copywriter

"As one of Paul's copywriting students, I was lucky to receive an advanced review copy of this guide. I've read it through eagerly, knowing that anything written by Paul will teach me how to become a better copywriter, period.

Needless to say, for an 'emergency' quick guide it is quite indepth that - while making it very easy to learn how to put together a converting sales letter fast - leaves practically nothing out.

While this is primarily aimed at business owners and website owners who want to learn to write their own sales letters, if you're a copywriter 'to be' and you don't have the money right now for an actual long lasting coaching program, until you scrape the money together, this is the next best thing to get you started!

I've learned quite a few new things from this ebook, especially from the many new examples and copy snippets that made things even clearer (and as new copywriters, the more actual examples to drill things into our brains, the better). They make learning to write sales letters extremely easy for everyone, even if you've never written a line of sales copy in your life!"

- Marika Charalambous

“As one of Paul’s coaching students, I received a review copy of Emergency Copywriting.  It’s a 126 page ebook that’s full of great content, which takes you through all of the steps that you need to write a great sales letter fast.  In Emergency Copywriting, Paul explains the basic principles of writing copy clearly and concisely, but he also provides readers with some advanced tips and techniques that will make your conversions go through the roof!  For me, the section on buying psychology was particularly powerful and I know I’ll be thinking about the Human Motivation Machine when I write my next sales letter.”

- Abigail Jackson

So Now It's Decision Time.

You can keep spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars every time you need a copywriter.

You can keep waiting two or three weeks to get your sales letter, not to mention any tweaks and revisions you might need... all the while, missing out on banking those sales.

You can hope that your copywriter knows what they're doing, did their research properly, and doesn't screw up.


You can grab yourself a copy of Emergency Copywriting right now...

...and start producing your own sizzling sales letters for a fraction of the price of a regular copywriter, and in as little as 24 hours.

Don't let your competitors steal your advantage... remember, they'll be buying this as well. So permit me to share with you the secret techniques I've discovered over the past 12 years, to crush your competition and turn visitors into paying customers.

When you click on the link below, you'll be taken to Paypal where you can pay with your debit or credit card, or using your Paypal balance. (You don't need to be signed up to Paypal to pay by debit or credit card.)

After payment, click on the "return to merchant" link and you'll be taken to a page where you can immediately download your copy of Emergency Copywriting.

Click on the link below, and I'll speak to you again shortly...

P.S: Why pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars every time you need a sales letter written?  Why wait two or three weeks for your copywriter to get it right? Why hope and pray you picked the right copywriter that doesn't screw up?

I'm giving you all the tools and techniques to create your own sizzling sales letters in as little as 24 hours. You can use these techniques to start making sales right now... and you'll be referring to these techniques for years to come... so don't lose out on this opportunity.

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