How much better would you like your writing to be?

This very short report can help you get there.

From: Paul Myers
Author of "Creating Killer Content"


Before I even tell you about it, here's the download link. Just right-click and choose "Save as" or "Save link as,"  depending on what browser you use.

Download "On Becoming a Better Writer"

Yes, it really is free. No need to sign up for anything, unless you want to.

I know. The title's a little "over the top," but what the heck. Go for the gusto, right?

So... the story, in very short form.

I was asked a question recently:

"Your last few newsletters were about writing well. What about us who want to do better than that? I mean, you always say you won't teach people to become Hemingway or whatever, but what if we want to write at that level? Or at least get into the bigger leagues?"

This report is my response. It's not a comprehensive guide to writing by any means. It will be helpful for folks who struggle at getting their ideas down in print, but it's going to be most useful for you if you're already a decent writer.

It's about taking your game up a level or two - quickly. The report shows what's missing in the usual "read more, write more" formula many writing coaches advocate, and then steps into an area I've never seen anyone else teach: How to get into "The Zone" on demand.

If you're one of "those people" who downloads things just to have them, you've probably just wasted your bandwidth. If you actually read it and do the exercises, though, it may well be the most profitable thing you get this month.

This stuff works. Please don't leave it sitting there, collecting digital dust bunnies.

The report originally appeared as an article in my newsletter, TalkBiz News.  TBN is a "when I have something useful to say" email missive on the subject of doing business online. It's been published regularly since 1996. Yes, that makes me officially an old-timer.

Along with the regular issues, you'll get a copy of my 117-page book, "Need to Know," and an editable mindmap of my PLANTS System, for designing your online business for success.

If you'd like to join us (it's free), you can sign up here.

I Also Recommend...

I'll admit it. I'm biased on this first one. I wrote it.

"Creating Killer Content"

Again, the title says it all.

This is my course for writers, and anyone else who wants to get more results from the work they put into their content.. That is, by the way, how I define "killer content" - it gets results.

It's about getting people to get off their butts and do something, based on your message. Subscribe to a list, buy a product, write an email, tell their friends about your site... whatever your goal is in creating the piece.

Want to be known for killer content? Want more profit from your efforts?

Grab this one.

If you're already happy with the quality of the content you create, and would like some help in selling it, check out Marlon Sanders' course on the subject. (Why yes, I am an affiliate. I own the course, and it's well worth the investment if you want to learn how to sell more of your stuff.)

"The Writer's Secret"

This one is packed with ways to build your business and live the "writer's lifestyle."

Marlon has been at the game since 1998, and sold millions of dollars worth of his own writing. In "Writer's Secret," he shows you how he does it. Everything from choosing a winning topic and handling the creation and delivery of the product to leveraging a steady stream of income from it.

Nobody can tell you how much you'll make from your efforts. Anyone who says they can is lying. What Marlon shows you in this course is his step-by-step process for making the most you can with your own ambition and skill.

Specifically, how he does what he does, and how you can set up the same kinds of systems to get your products out there and selling.

This one has tips in it that are useful for everyone, from brand new author to experienced info-product seller.

The technology constantly changes, but the systems are the same. He shows you exactly how to get more from them, and how to turn your ideas into cash-producing assets. He also shows you how to avoid a lot of the mistakes new sellers make when getting started.

Well worth the look...


Paul Myers

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