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The "Content Cash" System

From: Paul Myers
Updated: April 23, 2012


People in this business always say they want the facts and not the hype. Let's see who's serious about that, eh?

Here's the deal: This product outlines a very specific set of systems you can use to build a new project into a profitable and continually growing business, or add a significant long-term traffic system to an established business. But it will take a few things to make it work.

  • First, you have to have a product or service for sale, a list you want to build, a site you want to send visitors to, or a niche where you want to establish a presence.
  • Second, you must be able to create some form of useful content. That could be articles, tips lists, reports, white papers, comedy pieces... Whatever. Almost everyone can do that.
  • Third, you have to be willing to follow at least some of the steps I outline.
  • Fourth, you have to be willing to invest some period of time each week in the beginning if you want to see it grow. That can be anywhere from a half hour on up. Once you get the hang of it, every hour you invest will become more productive. And the results of that effort keep paying off for months - and possibly years - to come. But you have to make the effort to learn.

    It's not a huge effort, but it's there. If you can't invest at least a half hour to an hour every week on the process, this isn't for you.

Not difficult standards to meet, I'll grant you, but they're not something you can avoid, short of hiring the process out. Which could also work.

For anyone looking for a "get rich fast with no effort or investment" pitch... Please look to the fantasy shelves in your local bookstore for that kind of product. This is a detailed plan for a specific, proven traffic model. It can add a powerful and continuously growing stream of visitors to your sites.

By detailed, I mean step by step, with lots of options. Choose the ones that work for your lifestyle, goals, resources and experience, and run with it. It's wide open. And you already have the minimum tools you need to make it work, or you wouldn't be able to read this page.

If you're broke and have no existing content, it could take you a month or more to start seeing concrete results. If you have existing quality content, you could be getting more traffic, subscribers and sales within a couple of days.

If you do everything manually and without any budget, it's going to start slowly, and develop as surely and steadily as the effort and skill you're willing to put in to it. If you have a few hundred dollars to invest in the right kind of advertising, it can grow much more quickly.

The potential in it is limited only by your effort and skill. So, the question is, how big do you want your business to be?

Here's where I tell you what it is. I'm about to lose 90% of the people reading this, because they won't stick around long enough to find out that it's not what they think. This system is based on an approach I first started using online 15 years ago. It's called, simply...

Content Marketing

The "whooshing" sound you just heard was a whole lot of people being swept out of the room by their assumptions. ;)

Let's clear something up here.

I am not talking about the labor-intensive and low-producing systems most people think of as "article marketing." I am not going to suggest you play that kind of game with your time and your business. Not when you can take a lot less time, get a lot more return from it, and develop assets that will continue to grow at ever-increasing rates if you just follow the system.

For the record, this process doesn't involve or recommend writing multiple articles per day or week. You're not going to be posting things to article directories, hoping for people to pick them up and publish them. Unless you already have a big enough name that you don't need that exposure, you'd almost be better off investing in lottery tickets.

It also does not involve writing and "spinning" tons of worthless garbage, euphemistically called "articles," which then get auto-posted all over the net in an attempt to game the search engines for a few more ranking positions.

In fact, while this approach has very definite long-term search engine advantages, you really don't have to know anything about SEO at all to make it work. That's just an (automatic) result of doing the process the right way.

Make no mistake: The approaches I just described work. The problem is, one has a relatively small return for the effort involved, and the other can be rendered useless if Google sneezes in the direction of their ranking algorithms.

Why would you bet your income on something that easily broken? Why not use your time on something that has real staying power...

A Growing Asset:
Your Own Private Publishers Network

Doesn't this sound like a lot better place to be...

You finish a killer article or other piece of content. You upload it to your site, add a few links, and send out an email. You spend another half hour or so doing a few simple things that are outlined in the course.

Within a few hours or days, that content gets picked up by bloggers, content site owners and email publishers all over the web. You get an immediate burst of traffic, sales, and subscribers. You also add to your ongoing traffic from all those web-postings. That traffic can keep coming in small streams from each of those sites for months, or even years, to come.

Over the course of the next two weeks, you spend a bit of time doing the steps in the course and add more publishers to your personal network. The next time you create a new article or other piece of content, you spend the same amount of time letting them know about it, but the immediate burst is bigger. So is the increase to your ongoing traffic.

And that's in addition to the people still coming in from that last announcement.

You'll probably spend the same amount of time each week connecting with new people who want to use your content. You'll spend roughly the same amount of time creating each article or other content piece. You'll spend the same amount of time letting your publishers know about it when it's ready.

But, over time, each piece of content you send out has more and more potential to bring in traffic, sales and subscribers.

Not only that, the system is designed so that, as you create more content, some new publishers find you on their own, adding even more power to your network.

What kind of potential do you think there would be in having a group of dozens, or even hundreds, of publishers you can send each new piece of content to who have already said they want it? Each of those publishers already has subscribers and visitors who are looking for the kind of stuff you create, and the publishers are eager to put your content in front of them.

And more of them could be joining your network each week.

See the potential?

The Secret to the Search

This isn't a new concept. A few of us were using this approach online 15 years ago. Nothing revolutionary here.

The thing that's kept most people who've tried it from seeing the success it can bring is the process they used. The traditional ways of finding those publishers were slow, tedious, and unpredictable. And they took a certain mindset that most people aren't wired for.

That's where the approach you're going to learn in this course is different. I've outlined a broad set of systems you can choose from, each with step-by-step instructions, to find the most likely prospective publishers in the least possible time.

Here are some of the things we'll cover:

  • The simple things you need to do before you ever approach a publisher to dramatically increase your odds of success.
  • How to define and recognize the people who already want to publish your content, and how to approach them to create the highest likelihood of getting the yes.
  • Specific terms to type into your favorite search engine to find the email publishers, web site owners, and bloggers in your niche, and what to look for to see if they're potential new partners.
  • Ways to get their attention and get your invitation opened, without resorting to sneaky tricks or boring, desperate-sounding appeals. Avoid the mistakes that new creators almost always make, and that doom them to far less success than they should have.
  • A simple system to turn a popular content site into your personal goldmine, while never joining it or posting a thing to it. You're going to use it "in reverse." Two or three hours with this one could jump-start your network in a single evening.
  • How to use social networking to add kick to your content promotion - without spamming, hassling people, or wasting time with idle chit-chat.
  • The one networking site that almost no-one considers for this kind of thing, and how to use it to get your content in front of audiences your competition probably doesn't even know exist.
  • Systems to get publishers approaching you, asking for your content - without you ever needing to look for them.
  • How to turn your content into a tool to attract new affiliates and get others hooked on promoting your products for you.
  • What publishers really want, and how to make sure you deliver it.
  • How to find the topics that get your audience fired up and ready to take action.
  • The rules you should have in place for anyone who publishes your material - and why they're important.
  • An easy way to deliver your content that can keep it getting published long after your initial announcement.
  • What to include in your contact emails to increase your open rates and get the attention of potential publishers.
  • Find hidden advertising sources your competition is missing, and turn them into your private goldmines.
  • The "trick to the click." The wide open secret to getting people to click through to your site wanting more of what they've just read.
  • How to flip these systems on their heads and use them to build a powerhouse asset in your niche - without ever writing a single piece of content.

There's a lot more packed into this little manual. It weighs in at only 66 pages, so it won't take you long to read through it and get a feel for which approaches you want to use.

The first section explains the model in more detail, and how to set yourself up for success from the start. The second section gives you step-by-step instructions on how to find publishers, how to get them on board, and how to get them to actually put your content in front of their visitors and subscribers.

In it, you'll learn the traditional methods and how to use them more effectively than most. That will cut down on the trial and error, and shorten the learning curve a lot. You'll also discover more advanced approaches that can yield big results in a shorter time than you're likely to believe at this point.

And you'll find suggestions for recruiting publishers in bulk, using advertising systems, techniques, and services most people don't even know exist.

You set the goal. I'll show you the fastest ways I know to get there.

Some of them can be very fast indeed.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

First, you need this manual. That's a whopping $27 investment.

You need the things I listed up front - a product or service to sell, a list you want to build, a site you want to promote, or a niche in which you want to establish a presence. And, of course, a little time each week.

That's all you need to get things going. And, if you want to keep it simple, that may be all you ever need to make this work.

For folks who want to expand on it, or get to higher levels more quickly, I point out some tools and services you can use to speed things up. Time can be a powerful form of leverage, and I'll show you how to use some of the better systems out there to scale things up in a big way, with a relatively small investment of resources and time. If you've got them now, use them. If not, use the rest of the system to get those resources and a lot more.

Like I said: It's up to you how far and how fast you go.

How Soon Can I Get Started?

Any time you like. And you can fit this into your existing schedule in any way that works for you. This is one of the most flexible systems I know of for starting or expanding an online business, or adding to an offline business.

You can take it all at your own pace.

The investment for the system is only $27, and you can have it in your hands within a few minutes from now.

Like always, you have my 60-day, no questions asked guarantee. Look it over. Test it out. If you don't feel it's worth many times that small investment, just let me know. I'll give you a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

Give it a run. I guarantee you're going to like this one.

Download your copy today,
For just $27

And let me know how it's working out for you. I'm looking forward to those success stories!



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