Can you really increase your odds
- and your potential profits -
on every deal you go after?

Are you looking for new ideas
to add fresh momentum to your business?

From: Paul Myers
Publisher, TalkBiz News

Imagine there was a special toolbox that could increase your odds of success on every deal you get involved with. It's not secret or magical, but only a few people ever figure out how to use the tools inside it.

Once you master them, though, projects and products become much easier things, and you start working on a whole different scale.

That toolbox exists. You see proof of it all around you every day. It's behind every major product launch, every successful affiliate program, and every cause or company you watch gain momentum.

This toolbox is designed to help you do only one thing: Craft the perfect offer to get people to enthusiastically work to make your goal a reality.

That's how you build a network.

You hear a lot about building your network, but it usually stops there. It's easy for most of us to connect with others, but getting them to work with us is a whole other issue. And isn't that what your network is really all about? Getting people to work together to get things done?

In the real world, your network is the group of people you can approach and actually close deals with. Your subscriber list is, if you're doing things right, only a tiny fraction of your potential network.

Your offer is critical. It has to match your prospect's desires, in very specific ways. Get it right, and you won't have to sell the deal. People will hear what you're doing and ask to be part of it.

I'm going to show you how to set up those kinds of offers.

What is one deal like that worth to you?

"Half Truths" and Partial Information

There's a lot of information being talked around that's only half the truth. Not that it's any sort of lying involved, but it's literally just half of the story. And that can make it 100% useless.

An example is the traditional line about the money being in the list. That's true as far as it goes, but it's 100% wrong at the same time.

How is that possible?

Simple. It keeps you too focused on the smallest part of your potential profits and too dependent on a single stream of income. It's wrong because it's crippling your growth.

The other big one that's going around is interesting. Some of the bigger names in the business are telling people two things that seem to contradict each other. The first is the half truth that, in order to succeeed in a big way online, you have to make friends, develop relationships and build your network.

That one follows the old rule, "Tell the what and sell the how." The problem is, none of them are selling the how.

The second part of what they're saying, the part that seems to contradict that, is that marketers are forming groups that are closed, and focused on working almost exclusively with each other.

What they mean is, big name marketers with established businesses are concentrating on dealing with other people who have similar resources and can bring as much to the table as their partners. A little different than it sounded at first, but the impact on you is the same...

You're on the outside of everything, trying to find the gate.

They tell you to form groups like that of your own. But, again, no clue how.

They're not doing anything wrong here. They're just telling you what seems obvious to them. And that's the problem: It's obvious ... to them.

I know a lot of these guys. Most of them are very cool people. They're also natural deal makers. Naturals make great examples, but lousy teachers. Most of them can make deals in their sleep, but they couldn't teach you how to do it if their lives depended on it. And they don't really have any motivation to. They're busy making deals. It's what they do.

Again, that doesn't help you much, does it?

That's what this report is about. Showing you how to get the deal, make the money, and build your own network of partners. People that look forward to working with you.

And I'll show you how to do it faster than you might expect. There's more than one technique in this book that just about anyone with a product could use to make a deal happen - today!

Why should you read this?

Because making deals is what makes you money.

That's for starters. The fact is, there are some simple and easy to learn things that can dramatically increase your odds of getting people to work with you.

And not just any people. The right people, which makes all the difference.

This book outlines dozens of techniques you can use and types of deals you can set up. If you're experienced, many of them will be familiar, but I believe you'll find twists and tweaks here that you haven't seen before.

And if you're new to the game, this will be an eye opener.

Along with the things you might learn, there's an additional reason to use this book and to read it often.

You have a lot of opportunities sitting there that you are probably missing. You're leaving a lot of money on the table.

Going through these techniques can help you come up with new things to add to your arsenal, and new ideas that can provide a regular flow of new momentum to your business. No matter how small or large it might be.

Ask yourself one thing: What is one good idea turned into reality worth to you?

But is this the course for you?

If any of these seem familiar, you need this manual... 
  • You're a great programmer, writer or web designer, and you want to get out of the hunt for clients and create your own products.

  • You're working on a product now, and want to build a network of partners for the launch.
  • You're a killer copywriter who has some cool product ideas and doesn't know how to make them into reality.
  • You're an experienced player, breaking into new markets, and want to speed the process up.
  • You've got a hot product, but no list of your own and no-one to help you promote it.
  • You're an affiliate marketer who wants to try their hand at selling your own products.
  • You're fighting fierce competition in a tough niche.
  • You can talk to anyone in person, but you have trouble even getting their attention, much less a "Yes," online.
  • You're doing well, but want to add profitable deals and sales channels.
  • You have an affiliate program, but have trouble getting affiliates that actually makes sales.
  • You're just tired of scrambling for the next sale. You'd like to get some deals in place that keep working long after you set them up.
 If any of those describe you, grab it now. If you don't feel that these techniques will make you well over 100 times what you've invested, just tell me. I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Yeah. I'm serious.

What's in this thing?

It's divided into three parts. The first section outlines the mindset and specific processes you have to learn in order to find, identify and approach prospective partners, in the way that gives you the greatest chance of actually closing the deal.

It tells you how to do the research, find prospective partners, figure out exactly what they want, and how to introduce yourself and build the relationship - as equals. None of the usual over-hyped introductions, or begging for help from people you just know are going to hate begging.

I've been doing this stuff online for almost 20 years. I've tried a ton of different approaches, and seen others use even more. I've only included the ones that I know work and that can give you the biggest boost for the least effort.

Most of them cost nothing but a little time.

The first question you need to ask, and that I can't answer for you, is: What is one joint venture partner, active affiliate, or productive promoter worth to you? The second one is: How many of them exist in your market?

If they're out there, I can show you how to dramatically improve your chances of putting together the kind of offer that will get them on board.

In this new edition, I've added a separate section on using the two Big Players in social networking for business: Facebook and LinkedIn. This isn't a generic "here's how to get followers and friends" sort of thing. It's very narrowly focused on using those sites to find the right people, approach them the right way, and get them on board with your idea.

It also warns you about some of the most common mistakes people make when using them. These little gaffes can immediately lose you the deal, and they're easy to avoid. When you know what they are.

I'm not going to promise you that you'll make $XYZ with what I'm going to show you. I have no way of knowing what you'll do with it or what your market is. Anyone who promises you a specific amount of money for just buying their product is crazy.

I do guarantee that they're worth at least 100 times the investment - to you - or you get your money back. That's as far as I'll go.

The second part of the report is a breakdown of 42 different, specific types of deals you can make.

Some are going to be familiar, and some will be completely out of the blue. Which ones fit those descriptions for you will depend on your experience. I'd be surprised if there's anyone who gets this report that's seen all of them, much less tried them all.

None of them require any fancy tricks or slick technology.

There's no fluff in this report. It's 88 pages of the kind of tight, compact explanations you can read once and immediately do something with. (Most people would have used at least 250 pages to communicate this many techniques. And they'd have charged you almost 4 times the price for the "extra.")

And then there's the third section...

The whole process - illustrated

The updated version of the report includes an expanded third section, called, "Defeating Leverage Inaction."

One of the classic ideas that people get - and almost universally fail to make happen - is the interview product. It's a simple idea, and one that occurs to a lot of folks. You interview a bunch of experts on a subject and sell the collection.

Seems easy, right? And it should be. Still, the overwhelming majority of people who try one of these screw it up. They make every one of the classic mistakes in offering a deal.

Seriously. It is almost always a full-blown course in dealmaking gone wrong. A "How not to," if you will. So, I used that as the example, to show you the specific steps in making this one work, and to illustrate the principles behind making just about any other deal happen.

Pay close attention to this section. It's potentially worth a lot of "Yes!" answers to you. You'll discover...

  • How to approach even the biggest names in your field, with a much better chance of getting the "Yes."

  • One trick that makes getting people to connect you with their friends and associates a no-brainer.
  • How to turn things that are obvious to you into magic for your potential partners.
  • A simple technique you can do over and over, that could turn into a very profitable business by itself.
  • How to set up your own online talk radio show - and why that's useful.
  • Specific recommendations for doing quality audio and video - cheap.
  • How to choose potential partners for your deals, and why that's so important.
  • The one thing that gives you instant credibility - even with the "big dogs."
The last "technique" in that list causes a kind of instant respect response in others. It works online and off, in business and social settings, and it's dead simple. But almost no-one does it.

Practice it consciously and consistently, and things change. Fast.

There's a lot more in this section. A lot. And it all works.

Trust me on this. When you approach people the way I suggest here, your odds go up more than you might believe. And there's nothing here that's complicated. It's just a matter of knowing how to fit your offer to what your prospect wants.

The last few pages of the book tell a true story of a conversation I had with a gentleman I met at a conference. His friends had been after him to do something and, as often happens, they just made him more determined not to do it. Within one hour, I convinced this complete stranger to change his mind and take what was, for him, a very big step.

The approach I used was extremely simple, completely honest, and works so often it's scary. And, unlike a lot of "persuasion" techniques, people will almost always actively thank you for it when it's done.

Once you see this - just see it - your approach to dealmaking will change for the better, for good.

One other gem

Early in this book, you'll find a concept that will be new to most people. The concept is "market energy," and it's a short section of the course.

If you've ever wondered how people can look at a market and spot opportunities that are seemingly invisible to everyone else, you're about to get your answer.

When you master this concept, you'll be able to see demand that others miss, blind spots in the market, and eager demands that aren't being met.

Don't gloss over that section like it was some theoretical notion. This is a very real and very powerful skill to have. And it is surprisingly simple, once you see it.

Learning all these approaches could take you years, and cost a lot of money, frustration, and missed opportunities in the process. That's how most people who understand these things developed the skills involved.

Or you can grab this course and shorten that curve by years.

At this price, I think it's an obvious choice.

Quick note: This really is a "get it now" opportunity. Ordering today not only gets you the current low price, it also guarantees you get any and all updates I add in the future.

Ready to get started? It's just $27

You already know if you don't take advantage of this now you'll put it off forever. My advice is to grab it while you're here.

Some of these deals are things you could have in place and making you money by tomorrow.


Paul Myers

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