If you're looking for a way to give a boost - possibly a huge boost -
to your email and affiliate marketing, read this all the way through.
You're in for a treat.

This is a whole new approach to getting
tons more subscribers and customers

Does it work? Read below how I used it to get
over 12,000 new subscribers - free
with only 40 hours of work.

Introducing... "The BEAST"
(The Blog and Email Affiliate SysTem)

From: Paul Myers


First things first. This isn't your usual online marketing product. It's a monster. A large, friendly monster, taking you by the hand and walking you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

I've had emails from folks who've just started, or been struggling for years, telling me how this has enabled them to finally get something going on the net. It really is easy enough for a beginner. And a friend who's made millions online told his subscribers that he expects it to quadruple his email response rates and conversions. So yeah, there's plenty here for the advanced marketer as well.

It's broken down into easy to follow modules. For example, you can read the blog module, install the included plug-in, and turn your blog into an affiliate traffic magnet in less than a half hour.

The email system is almost that fast. And it works like gangbusters, as you'll see. But...

That's just the beginning

I've added so much to this system over the 3 years I've been testing it that it's become a full-blown course in online marketing using email and blogs. Hence the name, "The BEAST."

For starters, how would you like to add any of these to your marketing arsenal?

  • Get dozens - even hundreds - of people sending their visitors and subscribers to your site, with the recommendation that they sign up for your list

  • Increase your opens and click-through rates, and develop fanatical subscriber loyalty

  • Offer as many different subscription incentives as you want, deliver the right ones to each person, and still only have one list. This flat out kills the problem of subscribers getting multiple copies of the same email, and opens a ton of doors for testing new giveaway products

  • Easily add profitable email promotion systems to your marketing mix, even if you have no desire to publish an ongoing newsletter

  • Tie your email publishing and affiliate programs together into one seamless machine that can crank up your profits in a big way

  • Turn a series of 5-7 short articles into an ongoing stream of new subscribers and profits. Once you get the hang of this simple system, you can turn out new revenue creators at the rate of one a week (or more), and just keep building that evergreen income

  • Avoid the most expensive mistake made by content publishers. (Hint: I made it myself for years. A common and very seductive myth leads to it.) If you're already making this mistake, correcting it can have a profound impact on your bottom line

  • Produce your own massive product launches... without the expense or technical know-how previously needed

  • Learn the 7 keys to maximizing profits from an email publication, follow-up sequence or e-course

  • Turn your subscription process into a heavy-weight conversion machine. Including fixing a system that's already broken

  • Understand the reality behind the question of using confirmed opt-in versus simple opt-in, and what's really at stake in that decision

  • Create a "rolling launch" system, and turn it into an evergreen money generator

  • Discover a simple twist on the 100% commission approach to building a list of paying customers, fast. Two small additions, and it's a whole new ballgame

  • Easily personalize sales pages and subscription forms to boost response rates

  • Turn a single article or a series of them into a tool that keeps generating affiliates, subscribers and sales for you, month after month

  • Approach potential affiliates in the way that's most likely to get you the result your looking for. Warning: It's not going to be the same for everyone, and picking the wrong approach can severely hurt your chances of getting a "Yes!"

  • Know which methods work the best for getting new affiliates, and which are a bust

  • Solve the problem of affiliates not wanting to send people to a page with an opt-in form - and make them happy to do it!

  • Turn your existing marketing systems into magnets that recruit new affiliates on auto-pilot

  • Set up an affiliate toolbox that gets new affiliates promoting right away

  • Give your existing affiliates a great reason to send people directly to your blog or subscriber list - more money for both of you!

  • Send offers only to the subscribers most likely to be interested in them. This can increase sales, reduce unsubscribes, and build appreciation in your audience in a big way. It also lets you send more offers, more often, without wearing out your subscribers!

  • Increase your prices, sell more of your product, and have happier customers in the process

How do you become a champion?

Have you ever watched the interviews with team members after they've won a world championship? The single most common answer to the question of what propelled them to the top is, "We focused on the fundamentals and on execution."

Flashy gimmicks get the headlines, but you win by doing the basics better than anyone else. And that's what this course is all about. Ways to crank up the results you get with every part of your marketing funnel.

Yes, it starts with the basics. And it builds from there, in a sensible and streamlined process that can soon have you on your way to something huge. It shows you ways to add income streams to your business, get more leverage from everything you do, and start building your results to whatever level your skill, effort and dreams will let you reach.

The good news: It's not magic

I don't believe in 'magic' solutions. Every time I see someone claim they've got one, I wonder how they think it will work for those of us who aren't magicians.

This is a system, and like any system, what you get out of it depends on how you use it. What I've done is compressed it into something you can learn and apply quickly, and showed you how you can get the most out of every effort you put into it.

It works with any affiliate software or service that I've seen. Clickbank, PayDotCom, Rapid Action Profits, iDevAffiliate, RapBank, private affiliate systems... It's simple enough to be extremely flexible.

The "BEAST" is a full-blown course, complete with the code you need to make it work, and over 200 pages of instruction, broken down into 7 easy to digest modules. The goal is to show you how to add a ton of subscribers to your list, in a realistic and dependable fashion, and to keep them coming in day after day.

The first time I used the most basic form of this, I spent about an hour a day on it for 6 weeks, recruiting affiliates and answering questions. By the time all those promotions had run their course, which went on for another 6 weeks, I had added over 12,000 new confirmed subscribers to my newsletter.

Not bad for what amounts to one normal work week.

I should mention that I had some advantages that not everyone has. I have a lot of friends in the business, and I already had a killer bonus to offer those new subscribers to encourage them to sign up. On the flip side, I had very limited code to work with, and no experience in this kind of promotion. No-one did, that I knew of.

You're going to start with the benefit of better code, the killer new blog plug-in, and everything I've learned in 18 months of tinkering and testing, right from day one.

I make no guarantees as far as how many new subscribers you'll get. It may be more than I did, or it may be less. I don't know enough to predict your results. I absolutely believe that you can do far better with this system in place than you're doing now, if you take the time to make it work.

I'll warn you right now, though... If you're one of those people who see a familiar idea and dismiss everything around it as "rehashed info," you may as well skip this. You'll miss the things that make it different and more effective. Many of the systems in this course are going to be familiar to experienced online marketers. Virtually all of them have twists, based on the affiliate approach, that can make them far more effective than you may think.

It's marketing. You base your systems on sound techniques, add in refinements that improve your results, and you keep refining and building. You constantly look for better ways to do the things that have always worked.

That's where the big money is made.

What's in the course?

The system consists of 7 modules, along with the customizable code you'll use to integrate your email subscriber lists with your affiliate program.

The modules are:

  1. Getting started: This gives you an outline and description of the main part of the process. There's a ton of tips and ideas in the rest of the modules, and this will provide you with a clear picture of the process. That will make it much easier to see how all the pieces fit together. That's critical for getting the most from what you're going to learn.

  2. The main (not so) technical manual: This module explains how to customize the code and how to use it in your web pages. It also includes a pre-set bit of code and a plug-in that you can have installed on your blogs and subscription forms in a matter of a few minutes.

    If you want the basics, you can get started right away. If you want more customization and additional options, you can do that. And you can change things as you go along, so you're not stuck with your first decision forever.

    Don't panic. It's only 14 pages. ;)

  3. The main marketing manual: This and module 4 are the meat of the course. This one is 72 pages of hard-learned techniques and tactics you can use to really ramp up your subscriptions and sales. A lot of it will look familiar, until you look at the tweaks and twists I've developed to add leverage to them. Some of them you have probably never seen before.

    All of them can make you real cash.

  4. "Follow-up Funnels": This is an expanded version of the course I published earlier this year on creating an effective follow-up email series or e-course. At 43 pages, this one is a quick read. Despite that, take your time with it. There are a lot of points in here that would be easy to miss, and that can make a big difference in your results.

    If you already publish a regular email newsletter, this module will show you how to add these income streams right along side of that, and let you focus your content and promotions on the people most interested in them.

    If you sell physical goods or services, this is a killer way to educate and "warm up" your prospects.

    This can actually be a complete business model. It's especially well-suited for folks who don't have the time or skills for a full-time online business yet, but want to make some money at it while they learn.

  5. "The Undercover Marketer": This is the only module in the course that was written by someone else. Authored by Becky Hagel, the sub-title says it all: "The secrets of landing profitable joint venture deals with the big dogs – even if you’re brand new to your niche." 47 pages of "been there, done that, got the deal" strategies.

    In terms of raw value, this module is, all by itself, worth what I'm charging for the whole course at this point. I liked this one so much that I bought the rights to it and gave it away to my subscribers free for a while. Integrate it with the techniques and strategies in the rest of the course, and it becomes even more valuable.

  6. "The Thud Report": This little gem will show you how to charge more for your products, sell more of them, and have your customers thank you for it. It explains the right way to use the Thud factor to increase both real and perceived value for all your offers.

    It gives real-world examples for online and offline businesses, in all sorts of niches. At 28 pages, this is one of the shorter modules. It's packed pretty heavily with ideas, though, so don't treat it casually. In fact, one of the early customers for it commented that, "Some of the tips are much more powerful than someone might guess [...] One of the tips that has about a paragraph or two on it could easily be turned into a 30 page guide."

  7. "The Fortune at Your Fingertips": You have many more resources than you know. This report shows you a system for recognizing what you've got, knowing what you actually need to achieve your goals, and leveraging it all to multiply your profits and reduce your investment of time.

    It's 35 pages of "Holy cow!"

  8. The bonus examples: 8 reports, totaling over 200 pages. These are all commercial quality products with serious marketing value on their own, to show you how to craft a bonus giveaway that draws better reviews than most paid products. 5 from me and 3 from Bob Serling. 3 of the ones I wrote come with giveaway rights, so you can start with proven subscription bonuses right away.

    If you write anything at all for the web, make sure you read "The Voice Report." That one got rave reviews even from the professional writers who've read it. That's a real problem solver, and it works in a lot of fields outside of online marketing.
It really is a monster

Don't let the sheer size of the course intimidate you. You can get started immediately, and add from there. There are more techniques and strategies in here than anyone is ever likely to use. The goal is to give you options that will work for you, in your specific situation. If you've already got a list, you can start using this within an hour or two of opening the first module.

If you don't have much (or any) experience, you'll have a lot more options and information when you lay out your next online effort. And you'll discover a simple approach that you can put into place even if you've got very limited time and resources to bring to the table.

I truly believe there's something in this for every person who makes money online or wants to. And it will help you do it bigger, faster and more profitably.

You're Not Going to Believe the Price

At over 400 pages of raw 'how to,' money-making info, not counting the included software and code, most people in this business would be charging big bucks for this. There's one module here ("The Thud Report") that I've been told repeatedly should be turned into a course and sold for $97 by itself.

The feedback from early customers has been pretty consistent. They've said, over and over, that this is better than most of the $297, $997 and even $1997 products they've seen.

For the moment, you can have it all for just $67.

Honestly, I could probably sell the "Follow-up Funnels" report for that much and get rave reviews on it.

I'll throw in my "100 times the value" guarantee. Get it, read it, and if you don't believe you can use the techniques in this course to add at least 100 times your investment in additional profits every year, just tell me. I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Grab a copy while it's at this price. You're in for a very pleasant surprise.

Download your copy today,
For just $67

Order now, and you can get started within a few minutes. And you can be profiting from it soon, and for a long time to come.



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