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Have you ever known someone who could come up with brilliant ideas, one right after another? Or who could cut through the clutter and come up with practical solutions to difficult problems immediately - when no-one else could?

They've reached the point that I call "The Idea Spot." It's where the optimism of youth, the wisdom of experience and the power of the creative mind come together. The best of human thinking, all in one place.

It's a point where practical creativity is the ruler. Where ideas are judged on their ability to create measurable change in the real world. Where work becomes fun and play becomes power.

It's a magical place.

How would you like to live there?

That's what I want to show you.

But first, let's get something out of the way...

There's an old myth that creativity is a gift. That's not true. Spontaneous creativity is the natural state of all human beings.

If you think of yourself as not-so-creative, you may believe that the super-creative have something you lack. They don't. The truth is, you have something they lack.

You have learned limitations.

I'm going to show you how to lose those false limiting beliefs and blockages, brush the enemies of your natural creativity aside, and become the person everyone you know turns to for brilliant, practical, life-changing ideas. And...

There's Nothing "Mystical" About It

What I won't do is ask you to believe that you can change the rules of the Universe just by thinking shiny, happy thoughts. I won't ask you to spend time you may not have (or want to spend) on positive thinking or New Age meditations.

I'm not even going to say whether I believe those things work. The fact is, they're not necessary for what this system is intended to do. You can unleash the natural creative power that every human being has by following some simple, well laid-out steps and doing a little serious thinking.

The system starts with a 120-page book, called "The Idea Spot."

Most books on creativity give you at least some of the underlying theory. They take hundreds of pages to do it, and often don't show you how to apply it in real life situations. Almost none of them equip you to start getting results right now. I give you the theory, wrapped in practical applications, and with perspectives you won't often see elsewhere, in less than 60 pages.

The second part of the book is where the rubber really meets the road. In that section, I give you 37 specific exercises, many with additional exercises within the sections.

These exercises are designed to do two things. The first goal of each is to help you get immediate answers and ideas for problems or opportunities that you face right now. They are all designed to help you open up the blockages and build mental muscle so that you can access your full creative powers any time you like.

I had a choice in the format. I could have taken 400 pages (a balanced estimate) to explain everything in minute detail, and bore the hell out of most people in the process. Or, I could pack the ideas in as tightly as possible, and rely on you to read and re-read the book and do the exercises.

Since more people are likely to get more out of it the second way, that was the choice. Apparently, it was the right one.

Within the first 24 hours after I made the system available to the public, I started getting testimonials like this:


Let me tell you about this morning. Lately I have been seriously stuck. It's like there are so many opportunities that I keep getting sidetracked to the point where I think I have terminal Attention Deficit Disorder.

Anyway this morning I read the ebook about 30 minutes, then did the morning audio for about 20 minutes. I sat down to work and I  had a very good session. The best work I've done in a long time. I was thinking clearly with focus, confidence and purpose. I think it was the consciousness shift brought about by the the combination of the eBook and the brain entraining audio.

I'll tell you this much: for the forseeable future I have a new work-prep regimen. 30 minutes in the eBook then 20 minute so of brain wave stuff then I sit down to do my work.

Paul, I really think I broke through some serious barriers this morning thanks to your Idea Spot product.

I truly think The Idea Spot might be your masterpiece. And with your track record for creating powerful, helpful information products I realize that calling Idea Spot your greatest product yet is saying a whole lot.

Warm regards,

Martin O'Brien

Don't Blink, or You'll Miss It!

That said, you're going to want to re-read the book more than once. The concepts are layered into the text in such a way that you'll pick up the most important and personally useful ones the first time through. As you do the exercises and gain a deeper understanding, the more advanced concepts will become clearer and more obvious with each successive reading.

Don't worry. It's a fast read. ;)

Getting Started:
Understanding What's Holding You Back

The first half of the book covers the basics. Believe it or not, even many people who study creativity will think of some of this as advanced material. It's easy to understand, but it's not usually covered in other books on the subject.

When I say "basics," I mean the foundations of creativity, and more importantly, the things that fight it or block it. The enemies of creativity.

In the first section, less than 60 pages, I've packed a ton of stuff that will push you on to finding and relasing your creative genius. Much of it is wrapped in what look like everyday concerns.

  • What is practical creativity, and why is it different from the pointless sort of creativity that leaves people stuck in unhappy situations?

  • A simple perspective shift that can profoundly change the way you're treated by virtually everyone you meet.

  • How can you get the vast majority of people to be trustworthy? This one will surprise you.

  • An easy way to fill your world with bright, positive, helpful and productive people.

  • Find out what people are really attracted to.

  • Discover what the opposite of creativity is (it's probably not what you think), and why that is vitally important to your future.

  • Learn the enemies of creativity, and how to permanently vanquish them. Doing just that will allow your natural creative abilities to surface in a flood of great ideas and powerful perspectives.

  • One of the biggest problems many people have is separating their beliefs from inherited prejudices or habits. You'll learn how to identify each, and eliminate the prejudices while strengthening the real beliefs, so they support you when you need them.

  • We've all heard how important it is to understand "the other guy's" point of view. Most of us don't really get close to that. By the time you finish the first section, you'll know exactly how to do it, thoroughly and effectively.

    There's power in that knowledge that you won't believe until you experience it.

  • With a very little effort and the techniques in this section, you'll be able to remove prejudices, recognize preference, and significantly reduce the friction you experience in your relationships and dealings with others.

  • A friend of mine showed me a technique years ago that made it easy, almost automatic, for me to eliminate an annoying verbal habit. I've since found that it works on all kinds of bad habits. I'll show you what it is, and why it works.

  • Ever find yourself arguing with someone, and feeling more like you were talking right past each other? You'll learn why that happens and an easy way to fix it. This will do wonders for your communication skills.

  • Find out how "word bias" can trip you up. This is so simple, yet it trips us all up, all the time.

  • If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck... it might be a swan in work clothes. How do you tell the difference?

  • There's little that can trip us up like unchecked assumptions. I'll show you how to know when they're at play and how to make sure they don't get a chance to screw things up.

  • What are the most dangerous illusions? Expectations. You'll discover what they really are, and how to deal with them in yourself and others.

  • Do you know what the two most important investments are that you can make in personal gear? Get it, and you can make an immediate, effortless and pleasant difference in your life. It doesn't get much easier than this.

  • A 2-minute exercise to recharge your brain.

  • You'll find 7 questions to tell if you suffer from narrowed vision, and approaches you can take to reduce or eliminate it if you do.

  • Find out why having too open a mind can be as bad for you as a closed one.

  • You'll discover how to recognize negative life patterns, and get started on breaking out of the prison they create.

  • Your natural mental shorthand. What it is, how it works, and how to keep it from deceiving you.

  • The single most important thing you must do to unleash your personal creativity. This one is also simple, but it is very difficult for many people to do. It's worth the effort in more ways than I know how to count.

  • Do you know the distinction between pessimism and negativity? It's three little words that make all the difference. Understanding that can let you learn to tap into the surprising fact that there is no more powerful ally for the creative person than a confirmed pessimist.

    I'll show you how to turn pessimists into your very best friends, and how to make them feel justly proud of their way of thinking.

  • For centuries people have argued about what ego really is and what value it has. I'll give you my view, that has the benefit of having been tested in the real world, and show you why it creates so many problems. you'll also learn how to master it and make it work for you.

By the time you finish this section, you'll have a better understanding of how creativity works, what keeps it from working, and how you can clear those blockages away for good.

You'll learn a lot of other useful ideas and perspectives in the process.

Get Real Results,
Right Now

The second half of the book is the exercises. This is where you sit down and start getting results. In this section of the book you'll find some really astounding things.

  • Discover why your brain resists seeing the new, and the simple thing that will break through that.

  • Have a tough time coming up with new ideas? Here's an exercise that takes only 5 minutes a day, for 3 weeks, that can supercharge your creative ability for the rest of your life.

  • Maybe you don't need money to start moving ahead. Learn how to get the most out of what you already have.

  • In business and in need of a competitive edge? Simple approaches for turning old ideas in blockbusters.

  • Discover why creative people talk to themselves ... and why you should start.

  • Are you one of those people who can solve everyone's problems but your own? Here's a simple way to learn to take your own advice.

  • Why children can be your best advisors ... and how to get them to give you ideas that could change your life.

  • Learn new ways to build your momentum to unstoppable levels.

  • Find out how playing the "What If?" game can help you build a constantly growing awareness of new possibilities and choices.

  • Learn to see even the most well-hidden connections between things, people, and ideas.

  • Enjoy exploring? I'll show you how to explore your life, and find all the hidden pitfalls, resources and opportunities you may have been missing.

  • See why a pen and notebook can be your best friend, and learn why it's important to get ideas out of your head and into "the real world."

  • How to tell when "The Bad Guy" is an illusion, and why that can make all the difference in many situations. This can be the key to solving more problems than you might believe.

  • Get a systenm for understanding multiple sides of any position, argument or discussion. You won't believe the feeling of clarity and the sense of ease that comes from this.

  • There's an easy way to defuse long-term tensions and resolve old disputes. Would you like to know what it is? I'll show you.

  • Finally, a way to understand and resolve your internal dvisions. End the confusion and the arguing with yourself, and you'll immediately begin to act in a focused and powerful way.

  • Do you understand the distinction between "wrong" and "different?" Do you really? You may be surpised at how important that is. And how many people really don't get this subtle point.

  • How's your sense of the absurd? Sharpen it up. It's not only fun, it's almost like a spider-sense, allowing you to sniff out scams and BS with uncanny accuracy.

  • If you take yourself too seriously, don't worry. It will only cost you $4 to put and end to that, for good.

  • Do you know how to use "information overload" as a positive tool for increasing your creative awareness? It's easy, but you have to do it right.

  • There are times when overdoing it is the best thing you can do. Learn how to use that to overcome boredom, lack of direction, and several kinds of related stress.

  • Stuck in a mental "log jam?" Hopscotch is a great way out. Learn to play.

  • Discover why outrageous, life-changing goals are actually more likely to be accomplished.

  • Create "Big Leaps" whenever needed. It's a lot easier than you know. And it applies in any area of your life.

  • It's easy to become memorable, overcome shyness, and get great service anywhere you go. This book shows you how.

  • You'll learn to recognize and eliminate the unnecessary, the irrelevant and the interruptive elemnts of your life. Getting rid of these distractions can make getting whatever you want a lot easier.

  • Why it's time to start ignoring the worst advice your mother ever gave you. And have a blast while you're at it.

  • Make small, almost insignificant improvements add up to a huge difference.

  • Why you need to be silly once in a while.

  • Find out how doing things differently for just one day can change your life.

  • Discover how to see the organization of information and patterns, and why that can turn your creative genius on almost immediately.

  • Unearth the cause of almost all wars, political divisions, personal disputes and self-abuse. And the simple exercise that can help you to avoid duplicating this problem in your own life.

  • Learn why asking "How can I really, totally, unfixably screw this up?" can be the fastest way to fixing a problem.

  • Learn an easy to follow system for developing extraordinary levels of intuition in almost any area you choose.

This is all accomplished through simple exercises that don't require any special equipment or training. There's nothing in here that's unusual or difficult, or that requires any belief in anything at all. Just follow the directions and you'll get the results.

Most of the exercises are focused on producing immediate answers, ideas and results. That said, they are designed to increase your overall creative ability in the process, in a steady way that leads to constant access to your existing creative genius.

I'm a firm believer in the "earn while you learn" concept. The exercises are designed to give you an immediate payoff. And make no mistake...

This book is not just for businesspeople or self-improvement enthusiasts. They'll get a lot out of it, to be sure. But it can be used by anyone, at any point in their lives, to solve problems, come up with killer ideas that can make a difference, and boost your creativity through the roof.

The Creative Symphony

One of the more controversial aspects of developing one's mind is the use of binaural audio to restructure the way your brain is wired.

I'm not going to get into the technical aspects of the process. It's quite complicated and utterly unimportant to the effect the audios have. I'm going to let you see for yourself the difference they can make for you personally. I'm going to include three audio recordings that you can use in your own home.

I need to warn you, first: These audios have a very real and very profound effect, but not everyone can use them!

You must not use these audio segments if you wear a pacemaker, or if you have any condition that causes or can cause seizures. If you have a history of stroke, seizures, sleep apnea or heart problems, consult your doctor before using these files. Women should not use them while pregnant.

You should also not use them while driving a motor vehicle, operating any sort of power equipment, or in any other circumstance in which a shift of attention could result in danger or injury.

For best results, I recommend listening to them through stereo headphones, while sitting back in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed.

There is one file each for morning and evening listening. The morning audio is designed to help you achieve a relaxed, wide-awake and more creative state. The evening audio helps to balance your mind, clear your thinking and physically relax you. It's not uncommon to fall asleep while listening to it, so be prepared for that.

The third audio file is designed to help you fight possibly the most dangerous enemy of creativity: Stress.

Note: These are not delivered physically. They are downloadable files, in MP3 format, so you can get started immediately. These audios can be burned to CD for use in your stereo, or played through your computer or MP3 player.

You do not have to listen to the complete audio at each setting to get results. If you only have 10 or 15 minutes to spare at each time, that's fine. If you skip a day, that's fine. It's best if you use them regularly, and listen all the way through at least once a week, but it's not critical.

Remember, you're looking for progress, not magic. As long as you keep moving forward, you'll get where you want to be. There's nothing wrong with getting there slowly if that's what you want.

So, What's The Deal?
An Arm? A Leg?

This sold for years at $67, and got rave reviews.

I want to test something. (That's a big part of finding the best way forward, right?)

For the moment, you can get the complete system for just $27. In return, I ask two things of you. They're not required, but I'd consider it a personal favor.

Use the thing. Read the book, do some of the exercises. Then send me your comments on how it's worked out for you.

I believe you'll find this one of the most useful, profitable, and just plain fun products you've ever ordered.

Get creative. Get started. Get your copy today, for just $27!

Click to get started now

One final note. When you order today, you get my "60 page, 60 day" guarantee. Read the first 60 pages of the manual. If you don't feel that using what you've just read will help you in ways that are worth a lot more than your $27 investment, let me know and I'll refund that investment immediately. Or, if you want more proof, use the information and see it in action. If at any time in the first 60 days you don't feel this is one of the best investments you've made this year, the same option applies. Let me know and you'll get a full refund, no questions and no hassles.

Based on the feedback from folks who've already used it, I think you're in for a whole lot of very pleasant surprises.



PS: This is not a physical product. The files are all available for immediate download. You can be started generating killer new ideas and solutions within a few minutes.

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