Why set 'em, if you're not gonna get 'em?

There are a lot of really good resources out there that can help you set goals. The problem: Very few of them show you how to figure out what the exact steps are, or what order you need to put them in, to get there quickly.

That's what this book will do for you.

It's very short (less than 30 pages) and comes with printable worksheets you can use to make the process of building your "Goal Map" just about automatic.

There's no charge for the book and you don't have to subscribe to anything to get it - although you can, if you like. Or, you can just download it.

The book and worksheets are in PDF format, so they should work on any computer. You will need a recent version of the Acrobat reader to open and read it. You can get that here, for free.

Don't let the simple layout or the fact that the book is free fool you. There's very little you can't achieve if you use this system to create your own map, and then just follow it.

Click here to download the TalkBiz Goal-Getting Guide.

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The goal-getting system was originally written as a Christmas gift for subscribers to TalkBiz News.

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Customize The "Goal-Getting Guide," And Give Your Visitors and Subscribers The Gift of a Great New Year

You've had a chance to download and look at the "TalkBiz Goal-Getting Guide."

How would you like to have the source files (in Word and RTF formats), so you can change it, including your own company or web site name, and give it to your subscribers and visitors as a holiday gift? Or use it as a free bonus for signing up for your list or requesting information about your products?

Or switch it around, to give them a more focused system for achieving a goal that's directly related to your business?

For example, a real estate salesman could tailor the system to help prospective clients to detail an exact plan to prepare for buying a house. That would probably take all of an evening to do, and would make a great add-on to the sales process. It would also be a cool thing to give site visitors, or offline prospects, to keep yourself in their minds for when they're ready.

Run a consulting business? Again, you can tailor the manual and worksheets to provide a map for your clients, to help them get focused and as a way to help hold them accountable to measurable goals.

Weight loss? Same process. Just delete the parts that don't fit your offer, change some titles, and save the result for distribution.

You can use this same approach in as many niches as you can think of. As long as there's a process involved, you can adapt this system, and the associated worksheets, to help people get there faster.

With the New Year coming, people are going to be focusing a lot of energy and attention on improving themselves, their businesses and their lives. While this system is popular all year long, now is when they're really looking for it. For something they can use to get what they want, and that actually works.

Give them what they want, and they'll remember you.

So, here's the offer: You get the original source documents, and permission to change them and use them any way you like, for just $97.

There's only one thing you can't do with them. You can't give or sell the source documents themselves.

One person has already created niche goal-setting software for her market using this system. Another used it to create a lead generator for a professional practice. Others are just branding it with their names instead of mine, and giving it to their visitors and subscribers. There's pretty much no limit to the things the system can be adapted for.

Grab a copy and make your subscribers' day.



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