From: Paul Myers


How would you like to be able to easily and quickly create new products, high-demand give-aways, and bonuses for your own products and those you promote as an affiliate?

Would you like to be able to easily organize and master complex systems for marketing or product creation? Build systems that let you fly through projects more quickly and never forget those important details? Keep all your research and data available through one easy to handle interface which you create?

Or would you like to:

  • Increase your creativity
  • Get better organized
  • Clarify your thinking
  • Make better decisions
  • Lay out effective systems for your business
  • Know at a glance which of your efforts get results and which don't
  • Manage and track projects easily
  • Spot (or create) new opportunities and options
  • Easily get a more objective view of which option will be best in any situation
  • Retrieve knowledge you had forgotten you even had, and
  • Spot the gaps in a plan before they turn into problems?

Would you like to have tools handed to you, ready-made, that can help you lay out a comprehensive plan for your online business, get a huge increase in results from your content, launch a new list or re-launch an existing one in a big way, build a professional social networking system, add impact to every offer you make, and learn and implement an approach that covers all the Big 6 points for long-term success online?

If any of that sounds good, you're in the right place.

And I'm going to give you one of those tools, free, as a thank you for making the time to read this.

"This is Your Brain... on Steroids"

Those are some pretty big - and wide-ranging - promises. There is a simple and well known sort of tool that makes them easy to deliver on - Mindmapping.

You've probably seen videos of mindmaps being used in a lot of the big launches in the marketing field. They're a great way to illustrate a point without all the "talking heads" stuff. The visual variety is a small part of the reason they're effective, though. The fact is, seeing those ideas and techniques laid out in a connected format makes them real to you, and gives you more of an actual "feel" for what's being explained.

Bottom line: They work.

What you may not know is that a big chunk of the "players" in this field use mindmaps for internal planning and training. And for other things you might not have ever even considered.

Mindmapping is like putting your brain on steroids.

The thing is, it intimidates a lot of people. It can look complicated and difficult, when it's actually simple.

In fact, that's one of the first things you're going to learn. I'm going to show you just how simple it is to use this tool. Once you've got the course, you will download your choice of mindmapping software (the recommended programs are free, and work on virtually all computers), and spend 10 minutes thinking about what you want to achieve.

Then you're going to note the time, open one of the included "quick start" guides, and fire up the mindmapper. In 30 minutes or less, you will have created your first practical, personally customized mindmap. You'll know the basics of structuring and laying out your map, adding nodes as needed, and linking to resources on your own machine or out on the web.

Yeah. In under a half an hour.

It ain't rocket science, but it feels like rocket fuel.

100 Pounds of Dynamite in a 10 Pound Bag

That's what this course will feel like for you.

The main manuals in the course can be read and understood in an hour or so. You can go through the whole thing, including creating your first personally practical mindmap, in 2 hours.

Nope. This isn't one of my famous 400-page monsters. It's designed to get you up and running fast. It's built for speed, and for getting you results.

In the process, you're going to learn how to use this method to create whole products quickly, based on almost any information you want to share. You'll learn how to use them to build your audience, sell more of your own products, increase sales for affiliate products you promote, train staff, and more.

This is powerful stuff.

You'll start with the "Read Me First" guide. It's a short summary of what's included, along with some quick tips on getting the most from the course.

Then the main manual, which will explain the basics of mindmapping, and how it changes the way you "see" information and the connections between ideas. More importantly, it shows how you can use this system to change how you look at what you already know.

You'll learn how to use mindmaps to outline everything from simple systems to novels and huge multi-media projects.

I'll tell you a little story about my first mindmapping product, and the lessons I learned from it. They're not earth-shattering, but they could be very profitable for you. And you'll learn how (and why) to make these tools easy for your subscribers and customers to use.

I cover the basics of organizing a mindmap for maximum effectiveness, the two primary visual layouts for maps, and when to use each.

You'll learn a simple system for using these to get most of the benefits of group brainstorming all on your own, at your convenience, and without the hubbub that can accompany the scheduled mayhem those sessions can turn into with a bunch of other people.

And you'll learn an easy way to spot the gaps in your knowledge of a subject or in your action plan. This is a simple thing, and it can save you a huge amount of time and frustration.

We'll also cover a few problem-solving techniques and a way to use mindmapping to completely change how you look at obstacles.

We'll get into easy ways to use mindmapping software to do research, even very extensive research, and keep all that information in a single, easy to use place.

And, finally, to create resource lists that will not only save you time, but can serve as products or bonuses on their own.

That's a lot for the first half hour, but it's all there.

Show Me The Money!

The next part of the course is a very short report that explains a bunch of ways you can use mindmaps to make money. Some of them are direct cash generators. Others are tools you can use for prospecting and filtering potential customers and retaining clients.

This one includes a quick bonus tip that explains how you can easily distribute mindmaps to customers without them ever needing to download or install mindmapping software. Or, if you prefer, how you can make your maps available on the web, in full interactive mode and complete with embedded notes and descriptions.

That one is so easy, and so valuable, you'll be amazed. And it's less than one page of the guide.

I've also included a few pricing tips in this section. There's no definitive guide to pricing mindmaps as products, but there are some mistakes you'll want to avoid with them, especially if you sell higher priced products on the back end.

Again, a lot of info in a small space, and needing very little time to grasp and use.

You Said Something About Tools?

Yep. Along with the basic course, I've included 6 complete mindmaps, designed specifically for marketers.

Each one is offered in both Freemind and XMind format, as well as a flat JPG graphic. The image files work well as reference guides and for reviewing the overall systems they describe.

The mindmap files themselves are editable, so you can customize them to your personal situation and goals. They are actual tools, not just pretty pictures.

Each of these could easily be a salable product in its own right.

The maps you'll get with this course are:

  • The Content Planner: This one is an extensive guide to planning out your content, from preparation and creation, all the way through to re-purposing, distribution, and getting response from your work.

    This one is a medium-sized mindmap, intended to help you build a system for your content, and to track your results from its distribution.

  • The PLANTS Planner: This map explains the PLANTS System, which is a way of looking at and building an online business that is more than a simple sales funnel. It covers it all.

    I give this mindmap away to my subscribers as part of the "thanks for signing up" package. It's a handy example of turning your knowledge into a tool that can benefit a lot of people, and doing so in a relatively short period of time. This one took me a couple of evenings, and it will continue to be an effective tool for a long time, both for me (getting new subscribers) and for the folks who use it in their own busineses.

    It's a teaching map, more than a "hard systems" thing, but that can be changed based on how you edit it to fit your own business.

    It's a big one.

  • Social Site Setup: This is another medium-sized map, designed to walk someone through the steps of creating a professional level social networking system for a business, group, or blog-based effort.

    It's a great example of an "options" map. It shows a lot of different choices, and the pros and cons of each. You just trim it down to the options you prefer, and then walk through the process. When you're done, you'll have everything you need to support your social site efforts in style.

    It's also a good example of turning a single piece of content into a complete and useful product. The article it was based on originally appeared in my newsletter. When I was looking for something to use to illustrate this kind of map, it was the first thing I thought of. And it works.

    Very handy map for folks who want to do social networking right and don't have the beginner's clue.

  • List Launch: This is a large mindmap. It was designed to help you plan and launch a list, from developing the idea and defining your target market to creating the ssential start-up content, and blowing the thing up into a profitable beast.

    It's clasic overkill. Normally, you want to avoid that. With this sort of map, though, it's just giving people options. You can easily delete whole sections you don't want to use, and trim or expand the parts that fit.

    To download the full-sized graphic version of this one, showing all the options, just right-click here, choose "Save as" or "Save link as," and pick where you want the file downloaded to. Or just click that link and it will open in a new window.

    Yep. Free. You don't even have to sign up for a list. ;)

    The course, obviously, includes the fully editable version of that map.

    Everything you need to know in order to create maps like that one is covered in the quick start guides. Yes, within a half hour of opening the guide, you can have all the skills you need to create those kinds of extensive and powerful tools.

    There's a lot more you can do later, but it really is that easy to get started.

  • The THUD Map: This is a very simple mindmap, based on a product I created a while back called "The THUD Report." It includes some things you can do to seriously improve the value of all your offers, and a checklist of add-ons you might think about using to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

    It's a simple concept, but not many people stop to realize just how many ways there are to boost the appeal, perceived value, and delivered results of their products.

    This is a process checklist. I recommend using it for every product you already have and any you create in the future.

    There is gold in that map, just waiting for you to pick it up.

  • The Map: Also called "The Map of Internet Marketing," this was my first commercial mindmap product. It's pretty big, and was designed to give a broad and somewhat comprehensive overview of the various things you need to think about when building an online business.

    The graphic of this one doesn't include the full map. I formatted it to show how you can use these exported pictures in sales copy, or as teaser sections with titles. You can easily open it in XMind and export the fully-expanded map as a JPG if you want the full overview in graphic format. (I recommend that as an exercise in learning that process.)

    The map itself is a combination teaching/planning tool. It walks through the whole process of marketing online, from considering busines models and assessing resources to developing and selling products and the "traffic/conversion" formula. And more.

    It includes the 5 reports I originally included with the product. "Need to Know,", the "Goal-Getting Guide," "Why Johnny Can't Sell," "Million Dollar Copy," and "The Voice Report." That's over 200 pages of solid, useful bonus info. Don't just let it sit there collecting digital dust.

    I also included a browser-based version of that one. That will give you a good example of how easy it is to distribute mindmaps via the web, or as downloadable products that don't require any additional software to use. Your customers and visitors can't edit the Flash version, but it's very useful as a teaching system.

    The final component of that map package is the original salesletter I used to sell it. If you think you need fancy copy or a slick graphic design to move this kind of product, you're about to be plesasantly surprised. It was one of the most basic letters I ever wrote for a product. It does, however, illustrate a very effective approach to low-pressure selling. One that even the most hype-averse person can use and get results from.


Yeah. I hear you. That's a lot of power added to your toolbox.

A "30 minute or less" course that will have you creating your own usable, practical mindmaps almost immediately, the main manual that shows you the things you need to know to get the most out of mindmapping, the separate guide on making money with them, all 6 of those marketer's maps in editable format, plus all the extras.

And the experience to turn your knowledge or research into profitable, easy to create products that you can sell for years to come.

The price is pretty low for what you're getting. Just $37. I could easily sell any of the mindmaps alone for that price.

That's for now. I plan to raise that as soon as I get some feedback on the thing. Mostly on the quick-start guides. When and how high I haven't decided yet, but it WILL go up.

Grab a copy. Get started. Have some fun with it, and make some money.

This is one of the most powerful skills you can learn, and these are some pretty handy tools, to put it mildly.

I'm in. At just $37, this is a steal.

What? Oh yeah. It comes with the usual 60-day, no questions asked guarantee. If you're not convinced this is worth way more than that small investment to get started, just email me and let me know. I'll give you your money back, no questions, no hassles.

I have one request to make of you. Whether you're new to mindmaps or an old hand at them, open the Read Me First file before you dig into anything else. It's a quick read, and it could help you get more out of the thing, and more quickly.



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