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When Marlon Sanders decided to recommend "Mindmaps for Marketers" to his customers, he did things a little differently. He recorded a video walkthrough of the product. He showed his folks the stuff they might have missed in the sales page, and went through what he considered to be the high points.

Marlon was kind enough to allow me to use that video, so you can see the course from his perspective as a frequent user of mindmaps.

Marlon's Walkthrough

An Example of the Tools You Get
With "Mindmaps for Marketers"

This is an interactive version of one of the mindmaps you get with the course. If you click on any of the nodes with a small circle at the end, you'll see it expand to show more of the map. You can drag it around the screen to see parts that might fall outside the viewing area.

This is the "List Launch" mindmap. It's designed to help you plan out a launch for any list or other campaign to build your network of readers, subscribers, and social media contacts.

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That's a pretty comprehensive map. The interesting thing about it is that it's very simple to create that kind of tool. You don't need any special skills or fancy training. You can learn to create this sort of map in 30 minutes or less, with the "Quick Start" guides that come with the product.

The course includes 6 of these, all in fully editable format (for Freemind or XMind), along with graphic versions you can use as quick reminders. And, obviously, all the other tools and training Marlon went over in his walkthrough.

As a little something extra, Marlon has given me permission to give anyone who buys this in the next few days a special bonus video he did for his customers. I did the maps in this product using Freemind and XMind. They're free, open source products that allow you to get the benefits of these maps, along with creating your own, without having to spend anything extra to get started. 

Marlon prefers Mindjet, and put together a 15-minute video showing some of the extra things you can do with it to add that extra "zing" to your projects. If you order in the next few days, you'll get that video as an added bonus.

There's a lot to this one. To get the full details and grab your copy of the course, along with Marlon's special bonus video, just click that link below. And keep your eyes out for another special preview on the next page.



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