What is "Million Dollar Copy?"

It's definitely not your usual book on copywriting. For one thing, it's only 57 pages long. For another, it doesn't spend a single page on the mechanics of writing an actual salesletter.

There are hundreds of books out there, some of them very good indeed, that will teach you as many formats as you want to learn. They'll show you how to write compelling bullets, how to craft a killer headline, and all the other "tricks of the trade."

"Million Dollar Copy" is different. It isn't a technique or a process. It's a way of thinking, a way of approaching copy that significantly increases your results. It goes beyond what traditional copywriting texts cover, often delving into areas I've never heard discussed anywhere else.


This is probably the first truly original text on copywriting I've read in a long, long time. You also gave me one really good idea for my upcoming project. It's one of those nice little twists on something I was already planning on doing. You know ... Those little twists that earn you a few hundred more K?

Mark Joyner

It was originally going to cover the basic mindset of the copywriter. As usual when I set fingers to keyboard, it got out of control. Way past the basics. I got into some stuff that a few people told me I should have avoided, because it's more than a little controversial. Yes. Really. One gentleman said (a direct quote, other than fixing some typos):
... In my humble opinion, you pushed it too far in the last section on [snip]. My opinion is that the ebook does perfectly until this chapter, and frankly you are risking more rejects than acceptance on the ebook because of this last chapter. If I have to advise something, I would say - take it out!
He wasn't the only one who felt that way. Still, the folks who "got it" understood that the section he's talking about is the most important in the book.

I was planning on adding a few more examples and developing it as a product. Then I got involved with a book that's taken over most of my attention, and I just don't see myself doing anything with this any time soon. But it's just too useful to let sit in a dusty directory on my drive.

So, I'm offering the rights to it.

What's In It For Me?

An excellent question. And I have an excellent answer. You'll discover:
  • What "Million dollar copy" really is - and how mastering it can make you a ton of money.

  • How your copy affects every aspect of your business - not just sales.

  • 5 Myths that can cripple your copy. The odds are good you believe at least three of these.

  • What a copywriter really does. (If you get this right before reading the book, you're way ahead of the curve.)

  • The most important skill for any copywriter. Unless you've heard it from me, you probably haven't heard this before. And you need to.

  • The most powerful information in any survey - how to recognize it, and how to use it. Get this right and your success rate goes waaaay up. Miss it, and you're leaving half your money on the table.

  • A simple trick that makes product creation easier (including big ticket stuff), makes your offers clearer and stronger, and almost guarantees that your copy will be easy and exciting to read. (When I say simple, I mean really simple.)

  • How to determine the central focus of your offer, and why that's important.

  • How to dramatically increase the perceived - and real - value of your offer.

  • How 100 words of million dollar copy, that took all of 3 minutes to write, turned a losing project into a list of a quarter million targeted subscribers.

  • A simple way to pre-empt the copycats and make yourself clone-proof.

  • What kind of offer increases sales and profits - even if no-one ever buys it!

  • Why you do not want to roll an offer out to your best customers first.

  • What to test - and when. How to find the "deal breakers" in any offer - and turn them into deal makers.

  • How to get your prospects to create their own benefits for your product. This is a powerful technique, and deceptively easy to use.

  • A simple way to reframe a product to appeal to new markets. Used wisely, this technique can turn a single product into a complete product line, add security, and multiply your income from a single project.

  • The real difference between features and benefits. Again, if you haven't heard this from me, you probably haven't heard it.

  • Ultimate benefits - the key to the vault. How to find them, how to use them.

  • A simple way to evoke the prospect's desired state and dramatically increase your conversion rates on any offer.

  • The real meaning of the phrase "Sex sells." (It's not what you think!) The drive behind it, and how you can use it to increase sales of any product, in any field. This is the one I was told to leave out, and that I've [snipped] in this letter wherever a quote mentions it.
But are they for real? Will they get you (and your customers) results? Judge for yourself. These are the kinds of comments I got from folks who got this when I first offered it:

Hi Paul,

Brilliant... and I would expect nothing less from you.

It's already clarifying issues that were murky for me, not as a copywriting teacher, but as a copywriter.

There's a lot of wisdom condensed into these 57 pages. Your model about the [snip] is right-on.

David Garfinkel

I sent it to Kinko's if that tells you anything. That's a
rare thing for me. :-)

Allen Says


I read your "Million Dollar Copy" last night.

Over 40 years ago, when I wrote my first ad copy, I would have paid a fortune for the insights in your mini-course. I had to learn the basic truths you teach so eloquently the hard way... making more mistakes than I care to remember.

This information should be in the hands of every person who sells, or needs to sell, anything. It will save them from the painstaking and costly trial and effort method I had to use.

Thank You for a great piece of insightful information.

Keep well,


JF "Jim" Straw

Hi Paul,

Well, I've just read the first 12 pages of your report and I'm mad. Mad that I didn't write something this good myself! By all means, I'd like to include it as a bonus. Is this the final version or are you still adding to it?

Bob Serling


Quite frankly, it was brilliant.

I'm a guy who's bought online and offline info courses costing several hundred dollars and more, and I've got to say I was overwhelmed at the vastness of the content in this short book.

I've learned more from your book than from any other copywriting book I have--including ones written by some big name people. You offer a unique and refreshing perspective and have changed my whole approach to writing copy.

I've already referenced it so much that if it weren't a digital product it'd be dog-earred from use and covered in coffee stains!

Thanks for a great job, Paul. Keep up the good work.

Brent Hoodenpyle
Country Singer/songwriter

Hello Paul,

I've been in direct marketing and copywriting for 23 years. Read just about everything there is to read on the subject. Recently attended Gary Bencivenga's strategically mind-blowing seminar in New York.

From that perspective... what I LOVED the most in your powerful presentation of WHAT REALLY MATTERS was "THE Ultimate Benefit" / "Sex Sells" and the ultimate, definitive and FINAL tie back of all human desire into the roots of human psychology.

The power in the simplicity of how it really works... how phenomenally profitable it is to have an understanding of this. I immediately forwarded a copy to my good friend and genius copywriter Christian Godefroy.

Kelvin Parker

Hi Paul,

WOW! And I am only on page 13! You have created this with a great deal of understanding of people and a terrific sense of humour (Aussie style...:)) which I really appreciate. Makes me concentrate even harder, if that is possible. I understand what you are saying so far...anyone who has ever sold newspaper advertising would understand this easily. I am so looking forward to reading more.

Your Aussie friend,
Jan Smith


I don't write copy and thoroughly enjoyed Million Dollar Copy. It could be Million Dollar Communication. Simple advice kept simple for clearer understanding. As I read it I felt like we were having 'this' conversation.

Jan MacGregor

Hello Paul,

The most eye-opening section of "Million Dollar Copy" was the section discussing '[snip]'. I think this topic alone could be expanded and fine tuned to touch on more specifics on how one actually accomplishes this in copy. It's more than just a [snip]; it's also about actually reproducing your successes. Making things easier, less costly and more rewarding should be the goal of each business person. These ideas and goals are not only for their customers but for themselves as well. It moves us to do great things.

Bravo to you once again, Paul.


Bill Carrington

Hi Paul,

Just had to let you know:

I was having a bad hair day, right across the board, but had an idea bubbling, which eventually pushed me back in my PC driving seat...

I applied the million dollar copy concept and produced a book proposal (in effect, a sales letter) for a book I hadn't even started writing. I emailed the proposal to a publisher at 6.30 p.m. and by 8.30 p.m. I'd had a reply telling me they like the idea!!! 'Course it's early days and I'm not counting my chickens BUT... I never believed it would be possible to get a publisher to sit up and listen so quickly. I believe sticking pins in them is the regular way. :-)

It was a wonderful test - I've spent months on 'great ideas' in the past and either been ignored or politely rejected. Now I know why!!

Thanks again for the million dollar advice.

Best wishes


You can probably expect those kinds of comments from your customers, too. You do need to be warned, though, that there are people who'll find parts of this book controversial, and even offensive. There's no nasty language, no off-color humor or risque topics, and no bashing of any groups at all. From that perspective, your mother could read the book and approve. There are, however, a few ideas that some people find very uncomfortable.

Reality does that. This is hard, cold, bankable reality.

NOTE: this is not an Internet-specific manual. The majority of the ideas included apply to every type of sales communication, in any field.

So, What Do I Get
And What Can I Do With It?

As soon as your order is complete, you'll get the original PDF file and the Word doc for the book. You can sell the PDF as-is, and keep 100% of whatever you sell it for.

You can change the Word doc to fit the look of your product line, edit it as you wish, break it up into separate reports, expand the book into a larger product, or include it in existing products. These products must be for sale (no freebies). You can use it as a bonus with another product or as part of a paid membership site.

I can't legally require you to sell at a specific price, but I'd ask that you not order if you don't intend to respect the value of the work and the information you're providing.

A few quick ideas:

  • Expand on individual sections and sell them as separate reports.

  • Tailor all or part of the manual to specific niches. There are literally thousands of products you can create this way. You can probably do each one in an evening or two.

  • Tailor the book to different professions. This only requires that you add examples for one profession, and change them for each additional profession you want to sell to. There are hundreds more markets you can break into using this strategy.

  • Use it as a training piece for consulting or coaching clients, or for attendees at your speaking engagements.

  • Use it as a bonus for sales- or marketing-related products of almost any kind. When you read it, you'll realize just how widely these principles and techniques apply, and how easily they can be used to improve virtually any sales process.

  • Build simple software or tutorials based on the book, and create a comprehensive training program based on it.

  • Or, you can just sell it. It's a solid product as-is, and should sell well at any price up to $47 by itself or with a related bonus or two.
Oh yeah... For those who want to sell it directly, I'm going to include a manual called "Killer Sales Letters," to which you get resale rights. That book comes with a complete sales letter. You can sell it by itself, include the "Million Dollar Copy" manual as a bonus, or vice versa.

A solid course on basic copywriting, right out of the box.

How Much?

No long, drawn out stuff here. You get the whole package for just $97, including the original source file for "Million Dollar Copy," a compiled PDFs of KSL, and the sales page for "Killer Sales Letters."

Unlike most "rights" products, you don't have to worry about how many people get the same package. There are so many things you can do with this, so many markets you can sell it in, and so many ways you can use it, that competition is pretty much irrelevant.

Frankly, unlike a lot of resale rights products, the manual is worth the price and a lot more if you never sell a single copy. Read it and use the techniques you'll discover in it, and you'll easily make back that investment every time you write a piece of copy. If you doubt that, go back and look who those reviews are from.

Grab your copy, and get started.

Click here to order.
Add another product to your arsenal today!



PS: No PS needed. Get it while you can.

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