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for the local business market

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If you have an existing local business, market services to local businesses, or sell to the Internet marketing crowd, you're going to love this one. A complete product that can be sold as-is, tailored to all kinds of niches, or used in dozens of other ways, complete with private label rights.

You could make a few adjustments and be profiting from it within a day or two.

If your market is people wanting to build an online business, and they're spread out over a large area, you can offer this to them as an excellent way to choose a business type, to get started on the right foot, and to plan it for much higher odds of success.

You can tailor the book to recommend other products, to promote your own services, or just as a supplement to your existing product line. There is a lot of flexibility in how you can use it to increase your existing business.

I highly recommend editing it to be a fit with your existing brand and style. It won't take much to do that. The book alone is 96 pages long, in standard 8.5 x 11 format, 12-pt font and single line spacing. (Approximately 37,000 words.) That's a lot of quality material as a base to work from.

The feedback when I released it was very good, and the refund rate is less than 1%. (It would be somewhat higher through Clickbank, as almost all products are in this market.)

Bottom line: The people who bought it liked it. A lot.

You can see just how thorough this is, and how flexible it can be, in the original salesletter.

So why offer private label rights?

First, I tend to get busy with a few specific things like the newsletter and my other pet projects and leave the rest to sit. This is one of them. I haven't really promoted this book in about a year.

I figure that someone with the motivation to promote the thing could do well with it. Sell just 4 copies at a price point that's even remotely reasonable and you can make back the cost of the license that quick.

The second reason is that there are a couple of huge markets out there that can use this that I have no intention of getting involved with: The "Offline Gold" and "local Internet consulting" crowds.

This could be a hell of a tool for those folks.

If you haven't read it yet, make sure you read the salesletter for the manual.

How can it make money for the folks in those two huge markets? In addition to selling it locally, you have a lot of other potential with it.
  • Lead generator at meetings: If you do presentations for your local Chamber of Commerce or other groups, customize this as a free giveaway to those people, in return for signing up for your list. Follow up with an autoresponder sequence explaining and promoting your primary service.

  • Use it as a catalog of services: If you plan to help people create the types of sites in the book, you can offer this as a list of the things you can help them do. Obviously, you'll want to adjust the software types and hosting recommendations to suit your model and preferences.

  • Modify the entries and use them as examples of advanced sites, to follow after executing the basic "offline gold" formula.

  • Regionalize it, and include lists of local resources: This is more a matter of improving how it works with the other options. Definitely something that makes it more credible and useful for your prospects.

  • Training manual for local businesses: You can use this as a free or paid training system, or as a supplement to your existing materials.

    You could also break the thing down into modules and use it as the basis for a free or paid course for local businesses, or a seminar designed to drum up prospects for your other services.

  • It's a great introduction: Upload it somewhere private, and have business cards printed with the explanation and URL. Give those to prospects as a very low pressure way to explain the benefits of an online presence.

  • Show additional benefits of online networking: There's a lot more to being online than just direct selling. Getting to know and work with other local businesses can be as profitable as any direct marketing, if it's done right. This book explains a lot of that process, in simple, easy to follow steps.

  • Create a local lead generation system that's easily duplicated: There's a system described in the book that I used way back in 1995 that will work even better these days. And it's something that anyone with basic SEO skills can make work without much effort at all. Generating leads can be a very profitable business, especially in tough times. Most businesses are happy to pay for advertising when it only costs them after the new customer has ordered.

    This one works a lot like an affiliate program, but better.

  • Include local businesses - as sponsors: Offer it to local businesses for free or at low cost, and include sponsor ads in the book. These can be paid sponsors or lead generation deals like those mentioned earlier. Make money while you build your reputation with your local audience.

  • Free giveaway for local TV, newspaper or radio interviews: Interviewers love free gifts for their readers or listeners. Especially when it's something with real value that you could easily sell.

  • Add content and sell in physical format: Focus it on your local market, interview a few local businesspeople and suppliers of online services, and sell it in print and on CD. This is more for folks in larger markets, but it's got real potential.

  • Add worksheets: This is a great way to plug your offerings. Get people setting goals, and make sure you can help them turn them into reality. Who do you think they'll call when they've done that?

  • Add local examples: This is a great networking technique. Ask people with local sites if you can feature tham in your book. That's a very effective way to start off the process of networking by giving some valuable first. It also connects you with the established business in the reader's mind, which creates what is called a "halo effect." Some of the credibility of those other businesses becomes associated with you.

There are a lot more things you can do with this, but these ideas will give you an idea of the potential for the book in your business.

I'm also including private label rights to a directory of free and low-cost resources that can be found online. You can edit this to include other tools you find handy, links to affiliate products and service providers you find to offer value, and anything else you think will fit your business model.

Since the web changes so fast, you will want to check the links in this one before distributing it. I don't control all of the sites listed, so I can't guarantee when/if they remain available.

So, what do you get?

You get the 96-page "Local Web Profits" manual, in Word and Open Office formats, which you can edit in any way you see fit and sell as your own product. You also get the resource directories, which are excellent lead generators by themselves.

The cost for a complete product, which you can tailor to suit your own business and be selling within days? Just $97 $67.

Like I said, sell 4 copies at anything remotely like what this is worth and you've made back the cost of the license. Just that quick.

Rights and restrictions:

Whether you sell it online or use it in a local on/offline effort, there are some terms that apply to any use of the product.

You can edit this material in any way you choose, and put your own name on it as the author. You must change the title of the book, and cannot leave my name on it. You are solely responsible for any claims you make regarding the material.

This is basically to keep me from getting involved when someone starts making outlandish promises which I never made. If I can't control the advertising or the delivered content, I'm not taking the heat for it when someone goes nuts. You will note that there are currently no income claims in the product or the sales copy that I use myself for it.

You may use the existing sales copy as a template for your own sales letter, but you must not copy it exactly. Reword it to make it fit your business and your style. It'll sell better for you that way anyway.

You cannot pass along any resale rights of any kind. This is for you to use to create your own product for sale by you and/or your affiliates.

No additional bonuses are included with this product.

You may not claim original copyright. This is for the protection of everyone who sells it. A simple "Copyright 2010" will be sufficient.

I reserve the right to refuse any order: If I do so, I will refund your purchase and you have no right to use the material in any way. This is to prevent certain people who have abused products like this in the past from doing so with this manual.

You're getting the original source documents, so there are no other refunds on this offer. If you're concerned about the quality of the work, consider: This was not written by a ghost writer or outsourced researcher. I created this myself and sold it with my name on it.

If you're going to sell it online to the general market:

You must charge for the main manual, and you may only sell it from your own web site(s) which you own. (Selling through Clickbank or other affiliate networks is allowed.)

You can do whatever you like with the resource directory.

You can bundle the product, but only with other products on closely related topics.

If you are using it for localized or strictly offline purposes, you may use it as described, and subject to the terms above.

You may give this away locally if you choose to use it that way, or offer it for download without charge as long as your promotional efforts are local in nature. There's very little chance of "competitive collision" in those circumstances.

And, of course, you can sell it.

If you've ever had a product like this developed for you, you know it would cost a lot more than $97. And if you've ever developed one yourself, you know the advantage of starting with something that is already solid enough to sell with high customer satisfaction.

If you're familiar with private label rights, you're probably not even reading this. You went straight to the terms and then the order link. ;)

This is one of the most flexible products I've seen, much less offered. And the majority of it is evergreen, which means it can profit you and your prospects, with very little updating, for a lot of years to come.

To grab a copy, click here.

And have fun!


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