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To: Online Publishers and Small Business Owners

From: Paul Myers

      Do you want 10,000 more subscribers? 50,000? 100,000?

      How many leads do you want?

      Pick the number. If you can handle the volume, and are willing to put in a little thought and effort, I can show you how to get them.



      Why listen to me?

      Good question. I could tell you all sorts of wonderful true stories, I suppose, but...

      Would you really care?

      I hope not. This is about you. Not me.

      What works for me might not seem like it would work for you. And doing it exactly the way I do probably won't work for you. I have different markets, different goals, and a different style.

      That's why I'm going to teach you how to find the formula that works for you. For your market, your goals, and your style.

      You should only listen to me long enough to test these ideas. See that they work for you, personally.

      If you're willing to invest that time, I'm willing to take all the risk for you.


      In case you're curious about what other people think of these techniques, consider this comment from a guy who built a company from scratch and sold it for millions a few years later:

"As someone who has built email subscriber lists with millions of subscribers, I know what works and what doesn't. Paul's advice will work. I know it for a fact."

Mark Joyner,
CEO, and Founder of ROIbot

It's All About The List

      It seems you've heard it a million times, and you know it's true: The money is in the list!

      Getting quality subscribers and qualified leads is the biggest challenge most of us face. Sometimes it seems like the hardest one to beat.

      It doesn't have to be.

      Most publishers use methods that are unbelievably outdated and ineffective, compared to what they could be doing. Even many of the most successful publishers are struggling to keep their numbers up.

      You're going to learn a system that will turn your promotional efforts into a machine. One that will keep generating leads and subscribers for you for long after you've done the work. This is the same system that many top marketers use, boiled down into 9 simple steps that make it as close to fool-proof as you can get.

       If you want to control the number of leads you get, you'll build the machine and just let it run on its own, bringing in qualified leads every week, like clockwork. Free up your time to do other things.

      If you want subscribers, you'll create systems that will grow - on their own - bringing in larger numbers of subscribers for you every week. Once you've set it up, you can just let it run in the background, building your list and bringing in money without any extra effort on your part.

      If you want to rev things up a notch or two, just bolt another one of these systems onto the machine. It takes virtually no time to add them once you have the system in place.

      And no, I'm NOT talking about untargeted, unresponsive subscribers, or pseudo-leads that haven't a clue what you're selling.

      By the time you're done with this book, you'll have a highly personalized, extremely specific plan to create your own "List Machine." A machine that will bring you thousands of highly targeted subscribers and qualified prospects. Subscribers with an active interest in exactly what you're offering, and prospects who will come to you looking to buy what you're offering.

       You'll master 10 very unusual approaches that can get you tons of new subscribers every month. You'll attract them with less effort than it often takes you to get dozens right now.

      8 of the 10 systems can be set up very quickly. 9 of them will cost you nothing at all to plug in.

      Yeah... Free promotions that actually work.

      Of the other two, one is a way to get far more subscribers than you do from your current web traffic. The other is a powerful quick-start system to bring in a ton of new subscribers, fast.

      These are very specific approaches to getting subscribers, which can be used by any business. And they work like gangbusters.

      These are not retreads of the "same old stuff." I'd be surprised if you've seen even two of them anywhere else.

"Paul, I can honestly say that anyone starting an email newsletter should read your ebook first. It gets right to the point and delivers on its promises. Well done!"

Jim Daniels,
Publisher, BizWeb Gazette

The Traffic Trap

      Have you ever worked your butt off trying to get visitors to your site, and been disappointed?

      There are two answers to that problem. The first is to learn the right ways to drive targeted traffic. This system will show you how to do that. (We're talking about serious, targeted traffic here.)

      The second way is MUCH more effective. Get in front of other people's traffic, and let them do the work for you!

      You'll do this so easily, so effectively, and so quickly that you'll be amazed. And you can do it as often as you like. For example...

      How would you like to have dozens, or even hundreds, of sites actively promoting your newsletter for you? If you already have an average sized list, you can probably do that within a week of sending out your next issue. (Technique #4: "Subscriber Plus.")

      Let's think big for a moment. Let's say you get 200 sites doing this. If you get just one new subscriber from each of those sites per day, that's 6000 new subscribers per month, every month. With no extra work at all on your part.

      Or would you rather concentrate on building a list of proven buyers? That's even easier. (#1: "The Tap," and #9: "Bonus, Dude!")

      Are you looking for leads? Every one of these ideas and techniques can be used to generate as many qualified leads as you want, for as long as you like.

      Here are some of the other surprising things you'll learn in this fast-paced, results focused system:       

  • The 3 things you need to do before you ever start looking for subscribers. Simple, but not 1 publisher in 100 does them. Get them right, and you're ahead of the pack before you've even begun.

  • Why you should build a list even if you don't publish a newsletter. If you do publish a newsletter, you'll learn how you can turn secondary lists like this into surprisingly lucrative income streams.

  • Why so many people have trouble getting subscribers, and how to turn that around in a matter of days.

  • The "old standard" promotional techniques can actually work against you, and why doing things differently can be the BEST thing you can do.

  • A simple strategy building exercise that will guarantee that you get more of what you want, faster.

  • Get into untapped markets. Your ezine may be the ONLY one those subscribers get on your subject. You'll learn why that's important.

  • Get other people's affiliates to promote your ezine... and thank you for the chance. This technique alone can create hundreds of sources of new subscribers for you. It's fast, it's easy, and it's powerful.

  • Use controversy to bring in new subscribers by the thousands. The hotter the debate, the better this works. And you make friends on both sides!

  • A simple, very powerful technique that gets people to read even very long issues.

  • Use your hobbies to generate subscribers, even if they're totally unrelated to the subject of your newsletter. Hey... Why not have fun while you're at it?

  • An easy approach that will get many more sites carrying your articles, and get many more of their visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Turn your subscription process into a profit center, not an expense. Make a profit on your ezine even if you never publish an issue.

  • Turn generic content into a powerful source of targeted subscribers - in multiple markets!

  • Giving freebies can be the absolute worst thing you can do. Most publishers are cutting their own throats "FOR FREE!!!" You'll learn how to do them right.

  • Get your existing subscribers to recruit for you. Not only does this start fast, it feeds on itself, getting bigger every month. And once it's set up, you don't have to do anything but watch it grow! (No, I'm not talking about asking them to "tell a friend.")

"That's one killer idea... I can't stop thinking about it. You should have dropped that one on me back when I was writing 'Cash Machines.' I'd be making an extra $10,000 a month right now, minimum."

Allen Says,
Founder of The Internet Marketing Warriors

  • Master the 9 step system for finding "The Formula" for your business. "The Formula" is "The combination of strategies and tactics that will produce the results you want within your market with as little time and expense as possible."

    This system will give you the precise combination to unlock your market and make you the first one they think of when they think about your subject, product, or service.

  • Develop a unique mindset that will turn every marketing system you create into another powerful and self-sustaining stream of targeted subscribers and qualified prospects.

  • Learn why most list owners are doomed to fail from the start... and how you can set yourself up for nearly guaranteed success.

  • You're probably going after the wrong subscribers. We'll show you a new and very different way to describe your "Perfect Prospect" that will make it next to impossible to miss the target. And get them to sign up in droves!

  • Discover a simple technique for getting as much as 30 times the information from subscriber surveys... and how surveys can add tremendously to your bottom line profits.

  • Left on their own, the freebie-seekers and tire-kickers on your list are nothing but a drain on your time and your wallet. You'll learn how to turn them into a major asset.

  • Find your prospects early. Often before your competition even has a chance to approach them.

  • Find the unrealized assets hiding in your business, and develop ways to use them to boost your "machine" into overdrive.

  • Master advanced testing systems that even the "gurus" aren't talking about. Some of these are so unique that I don't believe anyone else is even using them! You'll know exactly which tools you need to use them, and how they'll give you an edge over every person in your market who doesn't use them.

  • Become an idea machine! You'll do a simple, fun exercise that will take you less than two hours, and give a tremendous boost to your creativity that will last the rest of your life.

    If you've ever known anyone who seemed to pull powerful, practical ideas from thin air at will, you know what I'm talking about. You're going to develop that kind of incredible idea generating power, and you're going to do it FAST.

    You'll create new and innovative marketing approaches that set you apart from your competitors, and implement them in the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways possible.

    This simple technique alone will bring you far more profit than anything else I could ever teach you.

    And it will let you easily pull many times the results from every other information product you read, every piece of software you use, and every technique you ever learn.

      "You have some of the most original and innovative ideas in this industry.

      "There's tons of things about marketing but not much about how to think. I read the part about the combining of ideas and it was brilliant. No one else has ever taught anything like that. The only thing similar is the James Web Young book I told you about.

      "This book is as unique, fresh and brilliant as I would expect from you."

Marlon Sanders,
Author of "The Amazing Formula," "Gimme My Money Now," and numerous other online marketing best sellers.

The Amazing List Machine

      Picture this: It's 6 months from now, and you've created your "List Machine." You've added thousands, or even tens or hundreds of thousands, of loyal new subscribers to your list, you're making more money from your work, and enjoying it a whole lot more as well.

      You've got more influence in your market. Instead of approaching other people to get things done, they're coming to you.

      The best part? You know that if you stopped promoting right now, the machine you've built will keep the new subscribers coming in at a record clip for years to come.

      Who knew it could be this easy?

So, How Much Is This Gonna Set Me Back?

      The cost for the "Amazing List Machine" package is just $67. Dinner and a movie for two. (If you eat cheap.) To get the skills and techniques you need to build an asset that will pay huge dividends for years to come.

      Looked at another way, that's about what it would cost to get just 400 subscribers from some of the lower cost pay per subscriber services.

      I think that's fair.

      How about you?

Bonus Tools To Help You
Build Your Machine

      Building your "List Machine" may take an understanding of some specific tools that the book doesn't cover in detail. To make sure you get maximum results without having to spend a lot of money learning how these tools work, I've included a few bonuses for your toolbox.

  • Pay per click search engines are an integral part of many good testing strategies. They're also a great way to drive targeted traffic at prices you control.

    I'm including a copy of "Pay Per Click Commando" to explain how to best use these very powerful testing and sales tools. This book, in combination with one of the other bonuses here, will enable you to create multiple automated businesses. It will also help you turn some of the more aggressive ones into profitable systems very quickly.

    You also get full resale rights to the book, along with the tested sales letter the author uses to sell it all day long. You keep 100% of the profits. The recommended retail price is $17.

  • Several of the techniques involve using short reports in unconventional ways. To help you to understand both the writing and the marketing of these, I'm going to include a copy of Jimmy Brown's "Profit Pulling Reports." In this book, Jimmy's preaching what he practices. He makes a lot of money from these kinds of quick and easy documents. He explains how you can too.

    You also get complete resale rights to this report, along with the sales letter Jimmy uses to sell tons of copies of the book himself. The recommended retail price of this one is $19.97.

  • The third tool I'm including is a copy of Chayden Bates' book, "Pop Up Response." This book details exactly how, and when, to use pop-ups and pop-unders to increase response to your offers by as much as 300%. Chayden has done a lot of testing and research in this area, and is speaking from hard experience with this work.

    Included with the book are 4 standard format scripts, and a collection of 8 very handy special pop-up scripts that can be tailored to your personal needs.

    "Pop Up Response" sells for $20.

  • The fourth tool in the pack is Armand Morin's pop-up code generator. Why spend the time learning to write Javascript when you can plug your requirements into a simple interface, test the code, and copy what you need right out of the program? We do want to make things faster and easier, right?

    Armand sells this software for $34.95. You get full resale rights to it, along with the sales letter Armand uses to sell it himself.

  • The fifth tool is one that's not available from anyone else. It's an invention of my own, called "Tagger."

    Tagger is a handy little program that allows you to add fields to any text database, and easily convert your subscriber list so that any standard database or mail merge software can work with it.

    You can add unique numeric IDs to each entry, add identical fields to all entries in the database, or add different fields based on the entry's position in the database. The opportunities this software opens up for testing through email are huge.

    I can tell you this. Marlon will smack me in the head when he sees that I've included this as a bonus. He tells me I should sell the software and a manual explaining its use for testing as a separate product, for more than the cost of this whole package. (He's probably right.)

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          Note: "The Amazing List Machine," "Pop Up Response" and Tagger do NOT come with resale rights. These are for your own personal use only!

          The "Amazing List Machine" itself, as well as the docs for Tagger, are in Acrobat format, and can be read on virtually any computer. The other bonuses will only run on Windows machines.

    Our "No Gain, No Pain" Guarantee

          Simply put: You get results, or it costs you nothing.

          Use it for 8 weeks. (That's plenty of time for these techniques.) If you aren't thrilled with the results, and don't feel it's worth many, many times what you paid for it, let us know and we'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. No hassles. Any reason.

          You be the judge.

    "Novel, yet simple and doable ideas that make me blessed well wonder why I didn't think of (and use) some of them. Some real pearls of bizdom here Paul! I hope people listen!"

    Rick Beneteau,
    Author, Ezine Money Machine

    Results Require Action!

          If you're just going to read the books, nod your head, and do nothing - don't bother. I'd rather you spend your money on entertainment than on something that will do you no good at all. These techniques aren't difficult, time consuming or expensive, but they do take action.

          If you're really serious about getting results; if you're willing to take the time to read the info and give it a fair shot... You're the one I'm looking for.

          You've got nothing to lose. Remember, I'm taking all the risk. You get results, or it costs you nothing.

          Let's do it!

    What Do I Get Again?

    • You get the completely updated "Amazing List Machine" package.


    • You get the complete toolbox, including "Pay Per Click Commando", "Pop Up Response", "Profit Pulling Reports", the pop-up code generator, and the Tagger software (available from no-one else, at any price).


    • You get complete resale rights to "Pay Per Click Commando," "Profit Pulling Reports," and the pop-up code generator. Tested sales copy is included for each of these products.


    • You get my unconditional 8 week "No Gain, No Pain" guarantee.


    • You get free lifetime updates for the "Amazing List Machine" package. Yep. I'll be adding to it, and you'll get the new additions to the system, absolutely free.


    • ... and, you get it all for only $67!

          Order now, and you'll be reading this amazing new system within minutes...


    Paul Myers
    Editor, TalkBiz News
    1(888) 576-1755

    PS: Remember - You also get lifetime updates to the book free! The updates alone are worth more than the cost of the package and all the bonuses. That's every new technique I find or create for building your promotional activities into an Amazing List Machine.

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