Are you confused and frustrated - even angry -
because you've put in all that work and
your product isn't selling the way it should?

There is probably only one thing standing between you and the kind of success you're looking for...

From: Paul Myers
Publisher, TalkBiz News


There is one simple skill that makes all the difference. You're about to learn what it is, and how you can use it like a switch to turn up the profits in your business.

Once you have something to sell that provides real value to your customers, you only need two things to succeed: Visitors to your offer, and sales copy that gets them to buy. Traffic is easy. There are hundreds of ways to get visitors to your site. Effective sales copy is the key to making it worth the effort. That's where most people fall flat on their faces.

The biggest problem most people have when doing business - online or off - is simple....

They don't know how to sell.

This may seem like an outrageous claim, but it's probably true about you, too. Even if you're making decent sales numbers, there's a better than average chance that you only have the most basic grasp of effective selling.

And, oh, the difference it can make when you take that next step...

It's the difference between a beat up old clunker
and a high-performance sports car...

...or, for you ladies, between a clumsy shuffle across the floor and a tango with a man who knows how to dance!

There is simply no comparison.

But there's always the problem: Writing copy that sells is hard, right? All the copywriters will tell you so. Just ask them.

Sure, becoming one of the greats takes talent and a lot of effort. But getting good enough to sell a lot more than you are now? Nah. It's just not that tough.

You need a process that works and a product that's worth what you're asking for it. I can't do anything about giving you a product, but I can give you what you need to sell the hell out of it.

Before I fired all my clients in 2003, I wrote sales letters that sold millions of dollars worth of products and services for them. I've sold a fair bit of my own stuff since then. I have a couple of clues to rub together on this subject.

Over the years, I've written thousands of pages on the subject of online business. Strangely, I've never created my own course on writing sales copy. A few reports on parts of it that I didn't see covered in other courses, but nothing comprehensive. There are just too many other people already covering the subject, and doing it well.

Here's the thing: The good courses are all in the hundreds of dollars. The really excellent ones go well into the thousands. That's still cheap compared to what a good copywriter will charge you for a single letter, but more than most people want - or have - to spend on learning the craft.

And they take too long. You don't have the time or desire to spend months studying the jargon. But they're designed to be slow, so you feel like you're getting your money's worth.

Who needs that? You want to get right into making money with it. So...

How about writing your own sales-grabbing letter...
in 24 hours or less?

Yes, you. Really.

This course includes 4 books that will get you quickly creating killer sales systems that look - and sell - like they were written by a pro.

The first is called "Emergency Copywriting." It's 128 pages long. You'll want to read it through once before you get started, so you're familiar with the process. After that, when you want a cash-producing sales letter for a product or service, you'll be able to crank that out in 24 hours or less.

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a copywriter, and wait weeks for them to get your work done. And, even if you choose to hire someone else to do the work, you'll be better equipped to know if what they've handed you is going to sell.

That's one of the things you won't often hear discussed. There are a lot of people out there who'll write copy on the cheap. They aren't usually bad writers, but they may not know how to sell any more than you do.

You'd be surprised how often that happens. Someone can string together a few nifty sounding phrases and thinks that makes them an accomplished sales writer. And, because the stuff sounds nice, their customers don't know the difference.

A lot of time and money get wasted on that kind of copy. A lot of people see the results and think it's the product that's the problem. And a lot of those people give up, when they were one good sales letter from success.

I've seen more of that kind of hearbreak than I care to remember. And there's no need for it.

I'm not telling you this course will turn you into a John Carlton or a Gary Bencivenga. It won't. That takes natural talen and a lot of years of work. What it will do is help you create that first letter. The one that proves to you that your product can sell. And it will get you started making money, or making more than you are now.

And you'll do it fast.

A couple "secret" motivators

Here's a little tip for you. Another one of those things you don't hear talked about much, because nobody stops to think about it: Why is it that some people can crank out one hot-selling product after another, while other folks spend months fiddling with a single project?

The fast creators know two things you don't. First, that the product doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to do what they promise. And, more importantly, they finish quickly because they know they can sell the thing. As soon as it's done, it's money in the bank.

Think about that kind of motivation. If you knew that product you're working on was going to start making you money right away, would you tinker with it for months, or get busy and get it out there?

Here's another one. Sort of a product development trick...

Got an idea for a product? Write the salesletter first. Do that while your enthusiasm for the idea is fresh and at its peak. Design the product by telling your prospects how you're going to solve their problems.

Then... build it. You'll already have the copy when you finish it.

You'll be surprised at how much better your products can be when you've got that blueprint in front of you.

And you can craft that winning sales letter in 24 hours or less.

Build on your success

Don't try to get it perfect the first time out. That's not going to happen. Get it done and get it selling. Then work on cranking up your conversion rate. (The percentage of people who see the letter and end up buying the product.)

That's where the second book comes in. It's called "The Secrets of a 10% Conversion Rate."

Don't let the title fool you. The book doesn't promise you'll get a 10% conversion rate. You may do better, and you may not do that well. The book explains the steps used by sites and salespeople that get those kinds of numbers. And it shows you how to apply them to your own sales systems.

This one is 127 pages. It details the author's experience in direct sales offline, and how he translated that to effective, high-converting sales online. More to the point, he shows you how you can take advantage of his experience to improve your own sales.

These books, by the way, were written by Paul Hancox. Paul is not only an excellent copywriter and coach, he's a very good teacher of the subject. Those two things rarely happen in the same person, which is why I am always thrilled when I can buy the rights to one of his courses.

Back to where the money is...

Assuming your product is something that solves a problem or provides a benefit people are willing to pay for, "Emergency Copywriting" will have you making money with it. This one will show you how to increase those sales and profits, by smoothing out your presentation, adding steps to increase customer desire, and removing objections that people may not even be aware of.

First, you get started and prove you can get results. Then you work on turning it into that thing of financial beauty you've always imagined it could be.

And you don't have to be Mike Fortin, Bob Serling, or Gary Halbert to do it.

Fine-tuning your sales hot rod

Or, again for you ladies, adding fire to that tango. ;)

The third part tool in this profit kit is called "Small Changes, Big Profits." This was Paul's first book on selling online. It covers the process of fine-tuning your sales materials to keep adding those little - and sometimes very large - changes that can add up to big increases in profits.

A lot of copywriters will talk about testing and tracking. They make it sound complicated, but it's really not. You try things. If they get you better results, you keep them. If not, you go back and try something else.

Simple, yes?

The only trick is knowing which things are the most likely to get you those sales improvements, and how to know they're solid and not just statistical flukes.

That's what "Small Changes" covers. It's 152 pages of hard-earned wisdom from a die-hard tester. What's worth testing, what isn't, and how to do it right the first time out.

Once you've got a letter that sells, this can help turn it into pure gold.

The last secret... Where the unicorns live

The final book of the four covers one of the most misunderstood parts of the marketing process. There are more myths, legends, and outright mistakes going around over this one area than almost any other.

What's the best price to charge for your product?

The price you choose doesn't just affect the number of sales you make. It impacts expectations, customer satisfaction, future sales to those same customers, their likelihood of using and benefitting from the product, and much more.

Get the price wrong, and you can flop even with a great product. Get it right, and you're flying.

This one is just 99 pages. It condenses a whole lot of study, experience and testing into a lesson you can digest and apply in a single evening.

And it shows you a few tricks you can apply to some types of offers in as little as five minutes that can boost the profit per sale for them by ... well... I don't do income claims. But, with the right kind of offer, it can be big.

Copy is the key to traffic

Conversion (selling) is only half the formula. The other is getting traffic - human beings who are interested in what you have to offer. A lot of people focus on traffic, thinking that if they just get enough people to their site, they'll sell something.

That's backwards. It's frustrating as hell to spend the time getting a ton of visitors to your site and end up making little or no money for all that work and expense.

If you've got a process that sells effectively, you will have the money to buy traffic. Or pay affiliates to send their visitors and subscribers to your site. That's a whole lot more fun than the way most people get visitors...

And, even if you do the work and drive the traffic yourself, the hourly rate for your efforts is going to be a whole lot more satisfying if those people actually buy in bigger numbers.

Either way, knowing how to write solid sales copy does more than just sell the product. It will make your traffic generation more productive, too.

After all, your first sale is the click that gets them to your site.

After the product, everything is about selling.

Okay. Sounds good. But which arm will it cost,
and do you want one leg or both?

This is where it gets fun. ;)

I regularly sell these books for $27 to $47 each. They're cheap at those prices, at least according to the people who've bought and used them. No outrageous promises here. Just proven skills you can use to make more money for the rest of your life. How much more is up to you.

I don't do the "over the top" pricing that a lot of people in this industry do. I'm known for pricing products at real-world business book levels. Value is what it's all about.

In this case, the value is huge. We're talking about essential skills that can make you more money, in every phase of your business, for the rest of your life. And you won't have to sacrifice any body parts to acquire them.

You get all four courses - over 500 pages
of cash-producing training - for just $67.

Don't let that page count intimidate you. Start with "Emergency Copywriting" and you could be seeing real results within the next day or two. After that, it's all building on that first success.

And, of course, you get my "60-100-100" guarantee. If, at any time in the next 60 days you don't feel this system is worth at least 100 times the investment, just let me know. I'll give you 100% of your money back. No hassles, no questions, no hard feelings.

And you can have the whole shebang in your hot little digital hands within the next few minutes. No upsells, downsells, cross-sells or exit pops. Just one question:

How much more of your product do you want to sell?

Download your copy today,
For just $67

Whether you've been selling for years or are just getting started, this may well be the best investment in your business you'll make this year. And I'm giving you a guarantee that's going to be hard to beat.

Get started. Watch your numbers climb.


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