This product has got me totally baffled.
And I'm the one who created it!

Hi, folks...

Seriously. This one is different from anything I've done before. I'm personally finding it really useful, and I'm excited about the potential in it for other people. But, it's "one of those" products.

The long-time product creators know what I mean. You stumble on an idea and you know it's going to be big for the folks that use it, but you're not at all sure how it will be received. Mostly because it's just that different.

It's also something I think will be useful to all but the most advanced folks in the group.

How it started...

I was working on the layout for a project recently, and decided to do it as a mindmap. I went for the "from the ground up" approach to the planning. About 10 minutes in, I realized I'd shifted modes. I'd gone from planning a specific site to laying out a system. Then I started thinking about the things various subscribers have told me they needed, and some of the stuff they need and don't even know is missing.

I knew I was on to something, so I set it aside and let the idea germinate a bit.

I came back to it, moved a few things around, and added the PLANTS system. That's an updated version of the concepts in the chapter from "Need to Know," about the 7 things you must include in everything you do online.

It took a few more sessions, but I'm really pleased with the result. I'm hoping you will be, too.

I don't even know what to call it

It's an interactive tool that's so different, and so obvious, that I haven't even come up with a proper name for it yet. For now, I just call it "The Map."

It will help folks who know next to nothing to figure out every resource they have to work with, and show you that there are probably a lot more than you know. It will help you to choose a business model, which is something even successful people often don't understand. And it will give you the pointers you need to focus your learning in a way that should be a lot faster and more efficient.

For the intermediate and advanced folks in the crowd, it will help you to plan, brainstorm, add profitable centers, and get more leverage out of everything you do.

It also covers some concepts and perspectives I think will surprise you.

It's an interactive mindmap. A tool you can personalize to your own goals and situation, and which can act as a both a planning guide and progress tracking system. And it's a lot of fun.

It's broken into 3 main sections. They can be summed up as "Where you are," "Where you want to be," and "How to get there the fastest way you can." Hence the current 'placeholder' name: The Map.

Unlike a lot of tools for this sort of process, this is anything but boring or difficult. And it becomes more valuable the more you use it. It will become your personal map to whatever level of success you want from your online efforts.

I recommend going through it one part at a time. If you open the whole thing up all at once, you may find yourself a bit intimidated by all the possibilities and options it presents.

Here's where I get stumped

In one way, the thing is really simple. In another, it's one of the more complex tools I've seen or used. You can learn how to work with it in a productive and practical way in a very short time. Probably 15 minutes or so. But it's something you can keep using and add to, which will become more and more valuable as time goes on.

And no version of it will ever be complete. That is, by definition, impossible.

I had considered adding the bells and whistles to turn it into a big product, but it's "one of those" products. The sort of thing you wonder about, and don't want to put that big a chunk of time i nto until you know people will see the value and use the thing.

So, I'm going to test it as-is, at a "for cheap" price.

The only software you'll need to use it is Freemind. I picked that because it works on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and you won't have to spend a bunch of money on additional software to get started. Freemind is, unsurprisingly, free. The Windows version is included in the download, and there are links in the manual to the Mac and Linux versions.

The manual for The Map is a whopping 15 pages. You can read it in a few minutes. You can be working with the thing and start getting real, practical benefits from it in less than a half hour.

If you haven't worked with mindmaps before, you'll have learned a new and useful skill in that half hour, too.

It's just $10, and comes with the usual guarantee. If you don't find it worth a lot more than that small amount, you get your money back. Just email me and let me know, any time within 60 days, and I'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Here's what I'm hoping. I've included an email link within the map itself, and I'd like to get your feedback as you use the thing. Let me know what you get from it, and how it can be improved. I honestly have no idea what I'll do with this thing in the future, and that will depend on the feedback I get from you folks.

I know it's worth a lot more than that as it stands right now.

I'm not saying the price will go up at some point. I don't know that. I haven't decided anything on that at all. I just really think this can be a huge help to some folks, and I'd like to see what you do with it.

The whole thing is an experiment.

Let's have some fun.

To join in and get a copy...

And enjoy!


Paul Myers
651 E 24th St - Erie, PA 16503
(814) 452-2855

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