Get massive targeted traffic from Youtube Ads for only 2 cents per click!
"Discover How to Drive Virtually Unlimited Traffic to Your Site for as Little as 2 Cents Per Click... Starting Today!"
Once you know how to use it right, YouTube can be one of the most profitable sources of new visitors, subscribers, and customers you'll ever find...

Even if you never show a video of your own.

YouTube is the 800-pound gorilla in the video field, with over a billion users. And when someone visits a site from an ad or video on YouTube, they tend to be more engaged, viewing an average of nearly three pages. That's the kind of traffic everyone wants.

Because of this, it can be a very effective place to advertise to a nearly unlimited audience... if you do it right.

Properly done, YouTube advertising can bring you laser-targeted visitors. And it can do it for pennies a click, which is getting harder and harder to do with most decent advertising channels.

Low cost and high-relevance means campaigns you can scale up to accelerate your business growth. More subscribers, more sales, and more visibility in your market. All of which means more profit and more leverage.
At this point you have to wonder, though, “Is there really a way to advertise on Youtube without spending a fortune?”
The answer is YES.
"The YouTube Traffic Course"
Get massive targeted traffic from Youtube Ads for as little as 2 cents per click! And much more...

Here are the 19 videos in the main course
This system consists of two courses. The first explains how to use paid advertising to get cheap clicks from an extremely targeted audience. Even if you don't have a video of your own.

It's a detailed, step-by-step system that anyone can follow to learn how to get a ton of high-quality traffic, cheap.

Introduction to 2 Cent YouTube Clicks
In this video, you will be given a quick overview of 2 Cent YouTube Clicks as well as the tools that you are going to need to implement what you will learn in this course.
How to Create Your First Campaign
Learn how to create your very first YouTube ad campaign.The steps are simple and easy enough that anyone can follow them.
How to Link Your YouTube Channel to Your Adwords Account
This video explains how to link your YouTube Channel to your Adwords account. By doing so, you’ll be able to access additional statistics about your video like engagement and remarketing statistics and other helpful information as well.
How to Setup Targeting Groups
Using targeting groups can be very helpful as they give you the most relevant possible ad exposure. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up targeting groups in this video.
Using Negative Targets
Negative targeting allows you to exclude particular topics, interests and more from your campaigns. In this video we’ll show you easy-to-follow steps on how this is done.
Types of Video Formats
In this section, we cover the types of video formats in AdWords, how each format works, how you will be charged and most importantly, when should you be using a certain format.
Using Call-To-Action Overlays
We reveal in this video how to use Call-To-Action Overlays. With this, you can create overlays for videos on YouTube. You can use the overlay to share more information about your video or to promote your channel, other videos or other websites.
How to Use The Estimation Tool
The estimation tool compares your campaign budget with your targeting options and other settings and provides you an estimate of your daily performance. We show you how to use the estimation tool effectively in this video.
How to Copy Campaigns, Ads & Targeting Groups
There’s no need to recreate everything in situations like when you want to test a new campaign, or you want to use a targeting group from one of your previous campaigns onto a new one. We'll demonstrate in this video how you can copy campaigns, ads and also targeting groups.
How to Apply Content Label Exclusions
AdWords are like labels for videos. You can use negative targeting features to exclude any of these labels from your campaigns so that your ads appear in appropriate videos. We'll walk you through the process of applying content label exclusions in this video.
How to Measure Ad Performance
Here we talk about how you can the metrics for the performance of your ads and how you can keep an eye on your ad’s performance on YouTube.
How to Generate Reports
You’ll need reports to know what’s going on with your ads and which is the best action to take next. In this video we walk you through the process of generating them.
How to Generate Placement Reports
You’ll be able to view placement reports for your campaigns a few days after they've started. Here we provide an easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure on how this is done.
Understanding Tabs & Segmentation Filters
You can review the performance of your ads by format and preview them in the Ads tab. Learn more about the Ads tab and the segmentation filters in this video.
Tips For Optimizing Your Video Ad Campaign
We reveal tips that you may not have considered yet on how to optimize your video campaign. These are crucial as they will further improve your conversion rate.
How To Use Remarketing
With remarketing, you can create highly specific lists based on viewer’s activity. In this video, we'll show you how to use remarketing and discuss how it can be beneficial to your business.
How To Setup Your Payment Method
We walk you through the process of setting up a payment method in this video, and the steps are simple and easy for anyone to follow.
How To Update Your Billing Information
The Billing Pages are where you manage your billing and pay for the advertising. Here we demonstrate how easy and simple it is to update your billing information.
A recap of what has been discussed so far, and how all of these options can benefit you and your business!
You also get this 20-part series of more advanced topics to help you make even more money with your own videos...
This section covers creating, uploading, and annotating your own videos, with a focus on results. Even if you never pay for an ad, the right kind of video can bring traffic to your offer for years to come.

Set Up Video
There are several things to consider when setting up for YouTube Marketing. In here you’ll easily learn what needs to be set up and what needs to be activated.
YouTube Ranking Factors
There are many factors which can and will affect your videos’ ranking in YouTube. We explain what those factors are so that you can ensure that you have higher-ranking videos!
Video Editing Software
There are lots of video editing programs available on the Internet. You can go for higher-end paid software, or start out with free programs. Here we cover some of the recommended software that you can use to edit your videos.
Three Ways To Create a Video
There are three ways most people use to to create videos for YouTube. You can use Google Hangout, software like Camtasia, or even use your smartphone or camera for live video! These will be discussed further in this video.
Basics of Interactive Video
Learn the basics when it comes to interactive video in order to create highly-effective and high-converting videos for your YouTube marketing campaign!
Affiliate Links
You need to have your affiliate links ready for YouTube, and in this video we show you what you need to know regarding affiliate links!
Keyword Research
Keywords are very important, and you do want to make sure that you have the right keywords, and ones you can compete for. We show you the different tools that you can use for effective keyword research in this video.
Create Links to Your Site or Offer From a Video in YouTube
There are 4 ways to link your YouTube video to your site. Here we walk you through the process so that you can easily create links from your YouTube video to your website or offer in no time!
Interactive Quiz Video Set Up
There is an Interactive Quizzing Feature in YouTube and we show you in this video how you can easily use this feature. With this you can get your prospect to stop and think about the offer that you’re presenting to him/her, or think about what it is that you want to talk to them about!
Linking to iTunes
You can create a link from your YouTube video to iTunes. In this video we show you how this is done, and you should be able to easily do it on your own after following the information here.
Google Play Link Direct
We walk you through the process of linking your YouTube video directly to Google Play. With this, you can link to a specific book or app you want to promote
Professional Graphic Card for a Youtube Video – Part 1
This is the first of three tutorials on how creating a professional ending for a YouTube video. We'll show you how to start working with the graphical portion.
Professional Graphic Card for a Youtube Video – Part 2
This is a continuation of the procedure that was started in Part 1. We show you how to work further with the graphical card that's so important to getting the results you want.
Professional Graphic Card for a Youtube Video – Part 3
This is the last part of the tutorial for creating a professional ending for your YouTube video. This section will focus more on the text that you’re going to add to your card.
Professional Ending for a Youtube Video – Video Editing Part 1
This is the first of several videos that will talk about video editing for creating a professional ending for your  video. In this part, we cover what software you need when it comes to video editing.
Professional Ending for a Youtube Video – Video Editing Part 2
This is a continuation of the discussion regarding video editing. Part 2 will focus on creating the preview of the YouTube videos that you have.
Professional Ending for a Youtube Video – Video Editing Part 3
In this video, we walk you through the process of creating your audio message.
Professional Ending for a Youtube Video – Video Editing Part 4
You can also add music to your professional ending to make it more interesting! We show you how to select the right royalty-free music to close out your presentation.
Professional Ending for a Youtube Video – Video Editing Part 5
In this section, we show you how to assemble the entire project. We also provide helpful tips and information to make the process easy.
Upload your YouTube video
After finally assembling the entire project, you’ll need to upload your video to your YouTube account. We cover what's important to do after uploading your video.
There you have it. Everything you need to start driving a ton of visitors to your offers using one of the biggest sites in the world.

As always, this course is covered by our 60-day, no-questions asked guarantee.

By the time you're done, you'll know more about using online video to promote your business than 99% of the people out there who have videos on the site. You'll know how to get cheap clicks on YouTube, which can be some of the most targeted traffic you'll get. And for a lot less than most people pay on Facebook or many other forms of advertising.

You'll also know more about creating and editing videos for real results, how to use YouTube videos to promote Android or iOS apps, sell more of your own products or affiliate offers, generate subscribers for your list(s), add clickable overlays to your YouTube videos (!), rank your videos higher in YouTube's search results, close with impact, and much more.

We've also included a set of bonus trainings to add even more to your video firepower. In all, this course contains over 50 videos to bring you up to speed on using YouTube to grow any kind of business.
Get the entire YouTube traffic course - all 50+ videos - for only $27
As we mentioned, this system doesn't take a huge ad budget. Once you've gone through the course, you can start testing ads on YouTube for as little as $5 or $10. And, using the overlay method, you don't even need to run the ads on your own videos!

One final thought: This isn't a time-limited offer, and it's not going to suddenly go up in price next week. But you know how it goes. If you don't do it today, you'll forget.

Give it a shot. I think you'll be surprised at what you can do with this...


Paul Myers

P.S. Discover how to drive unlimited targeted traffic to any offer you like, and make the Youtube advertising platform work for your business…

This training course was designed to help you create a long-term sales strategy with Youtube for your advertising platform. The lessons you learn will help you succeed for years to come!

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